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Reno NV to Trinidad CA w/36' 5th Wheel


We are traveling from Reno NV to Trinidad CA in June of 2024. Any experience with a 36' 5th wheel and road access? We would like to take the 395/44 to Redding then 299 to Trinidad.


Explorer III
Explorer III

395/44 is a good road, no major curvy sections, and only one downgrade of any significance is descending into Old Station.  It is only a mile or so of steep but there is a stop sign right at the bottom.    The rest of 44 is mostly flat.  A long downgrade into Redding but it is gentle.  

299 Redding to the coast is very curvy with no shoulder in places.  Passing lanes and pullouts are not common.  Safe for a larger rig, but a tiresome workout. 

Avoid 36 from Red Bluff to the coast.  Not RV friendly.  North on I-5 to Grants Pass then 199 to Crescent City is a much better and easier drive than 299, but would be quite a bit out of your way.     

So many campsites, so little time...