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Replace Pleated Day/Night shades with Roller Shades?


The pleated day/night shades on my 15 year old trailer are starting to show their age. I'm thinking of replacing them with the Legacy Day/Night Combo Roller Shades by Shade Pro. Has anyone installed these or have suggestions for other similar products? It's a little strange that they all cost $210 each regardless of size.

Legacy Shades 

2007 Tundra DC 4X4 5.7, Alcan custom rear springs, 2009 Cougar 245RKS, 370 watts ET solar, Victron BMV-712, Victron SmartSolar 100/30, 200AH LiP04 bank, ProWatt 2000.

Explorer III
Explorer III

I ditched my pleated shades years ago with roller shades from these guys.
The pricing starts around $200 and goes up from there based on size.

One thing I could suggest is to make sure that your valance has enough space to house the double roller assembly if you use the day/night shades. Mine is on the narrow side and it really interferes with the operation of the shades. Constant binding. So much so that I am considering changing the blinds out for just simple curtains.