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2006 Weekend Warrior Billet,FD-402, 23’ toy hauler

Need help finding specifications for 2006 Weekend Warrior 23 foot, Billet EDI , model FD-402 ?

I inherited this trailer from my father. I can’t even find the tongue weight for this Toy Hauler?

Any specs , I can find !

If anybody has the answer, or point me in the right direction where I can do more research.

I would appreciate your help.

FB means Front Bath.
That is not the lightweight model.
There should be a sticker on the side of one of the cabinet doors with some specs.
You won't find tongue weight.
Warrior never published this.
Too hard with different options that people could chose.
You can buy a tongue weight scale and figure it out yourself.

Lots of info on this sight as Weekend Warrior was the go to trailer back in the day.
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I appreciate your response. I will inspect the tongue. ……...

I have been searching everywhere for specs. It appears that an FB2200 is the same model as my FD402?

It is frustrating not finding the specs for this trailer.

bruceredden, welcome aboard. I'd suggest taking it to scales like Cat Scales go when it's slow and be ready. I'd disconnect the trailer so you can get a good tongue weight but a fully hooked up too. Here is a good guide - I say do this since you have the real weights not just the claimed weights.

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Having had one and worked for a Warrior dealer back then, I have some experience. Warriors are notorious for being heavy for their size, but that's why your 2006 is still around. Walls and floor covering was extra heavy.
The only warning I have is if your trailer is the lightweight model (small propane tanks, frame has stamped holes in it) be careful, as the tongues were prone to bending / breaking.
IIRR you probably have 75 (maybe 100) Ga fresh water, with 45 Ga Blk and Grey tanks.