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2009 Weekend Warrior pin box/ frame question.

I apologize up front if this has been answered somewhere before.

I have a 2009 CR3705 5th wheel toy hauler. I am converting it from 5th wheel to gooseneck.

I really like the gen y hitches, as well as the shocker.

My current pin box is a Fabex 765, BUT, I am told this is not factory, and that mine was converted to this pin box by a previous owner. Likely to shorten the length of the pin box.

I was told this by weekendwarriorparts, and when looking at the setup, feel inclined to believe it.

I was told that factory pin boxes were lippert 1621 or 1121.

I have no way to know at this point if mine came with either of those, but suspect it did.

Does anyone know what these came with standard?

There are extra holes where the pin box goes.

I am attempting to get a build sheet for the trailer, no luck yet. Leads on that also appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

I don't know anything about what came stock, but I can tell you, back in the day, guys that ran Goosenecks on the Warriors have frame issues in the pin box area.
I personally saw a buddies distort so bad it broke welds and had the front end cap delaminate.
Warrior would say any type of warranty was voided if they saw your trailer with a gooseneck adapter.

No idea on how you would get a build sheet, warrior has been gone for a long time.
If it isn't somewhere in the trailer, doubt you will get it.
I ordered my Warrior and I didn't get much detail on my build sheet, my options and such, but nothing like component part numbers or anything.
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