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Truck Camper Jacks

Does anyone have problem with freezing HappiJac jacks? I have replaced two motor assemblies and have another going bad. I know there is a new style motor and I am wondering if it is better and a direct replacement of the old style.

Truck Campers and Boating?

I'm hoping to purchase a pop-up TC to overnight so I can make 2-3 day fishing trips to the lake splitting the driving over 2 days. Boat mooring is not available so boat goes back on the trailer at night. How does launching work out after spending t...

cptqueeg by Explorer II
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Looking into a Truck Camper

Hi - I am looking into a used truck camper. We’ll be taking this to Alaska for 6 weeks and while we will spend as much time as possible outside, the weather will force us inside. We do not want to feel like sardines. I have some requirements below so...

geo11RT by Explorer
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Best Truck Camper AGM battery?

I have been using just cheap regular batteries for my RV needs and they have lasted me fine for the money..My truck camper only can take one battery in the compartment provided by Lance...I want to get one really good AGM battery(Can't afford Lithium...

Used truck camper

I am approaching retirement age and am starting to look for a used truck camper for my wife and I to enjoy. We also have two small dogs. We want to use it for travel and fishing trips. At this point I don't see us doing serious boondocking. We will b...

bgm1956 by Explorer
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Truck camper mileage

I know these things aren't exactly fuel efficient or bought for that purpose but what sort of mileage are you guys getting with the camper on and is your rig gas or diesel?

Our custom true flatbed truck camper build thread

Ok, I am going to collect random thoughts and progress pictures and put them here in a thread.Goal: Construct a true flatbed camper with cabover, no slideouts but full 8 foot floor width inside. This will mount on a 2006 Isuzu NRR truck with a GVWR...

Jfet by Explorer
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Truck Camper Trip Reports – V2.0

IntroductionThis sticky thread is designed to capture a selection of trip reports members have created over the years. There is a lot of great stuff out there and it would be a real pity for it to be lost because people could no longer find it.Really...

Freightliner & Truck Camper

Don't know if this is possible. Thinking of getting rid of my F350 and get one of these. Really like my rig but I feel like the newer trucks aren't built to last (Let's not get into the Ford Vs Chevy Vs Dodge debate) I know some will say go with a ...

Best Place to Sell Truck Campers and Truck Camper Items

Originated by BradW, on 11/10/10 01:43pmForum rules do not allow "For Sale" ads or offers to buy in forum posts. This prohibition also extends to posts that are not outright for sale ads, but still get the point across that their camper is for sale. ...

Reddog1 by Explorer II
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Truck Camper Trip Reports

Notice of TR ownership transition, June 8th 2013:I would like to thank all the die-hard fans of Trip Reports, both visitors and contributors, over the years who steadfastly paid homage!As several members of RVnet Truck Camper Forum already know (and ...

More Truck Camper Info!!!!

Welcome Fellow Truck Camper Enthusiasts!.Click on One of the Truck Camper Topics Below:Best Places to Buy or Sell Truck Campers and Related ItemsShows, Events, Rallies, Get-Togethers, EtcTruck Camper Owners Location MapDealer Listings - Find a TC De...

BradW by Explorer II
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