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REV Rv Decatur In

Explorer II
Explorer II
Recently I had to make a trip from Nashville to Decatur Fleetwood Service Center.
Had a few issues repaired. My steps on our Providence would not retract. They repaired the steps at the facility.
After returning to Nashville the steps again would not retact again. I called a mobile service repair,had a bill for $974.00.
I wrote a letter to the Service manager and to my surprise a check showed up for $941.00.
That is true customer service by Them.
You do not see that these days.

Hats off to them

Nomad II
Nomad II
So nice to hear something other than a horror story!
Regards, Don
My ride is a 28 foot Class C, 256 watts solar, 556 amp-hours of Telcom jars, 3000 watt Magnum hybrid inverter, Sola Basic Autoformer, Microair Easy Start.