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Lyme Disease Vaccine

We have a Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier Mix that we rescued 10 years ago. Weighs 10 lbs and is 12 years old. In the past we have given her the Lyme Vaccine. She has always had a negative reaction to this vaccine. Here last shot was in 2020 when the reaction was some what more more severe. For 2 days she slept most of the time, limping while walking (Only out to do here business--no extended walks), crying when we picked her up, difficulty eating and drinking, etc. Our Vet is telling us the current (new) Vaccine has less side effects and is encouraging us to give her the Vaccine again but we are reluctant because of our concern with past experience. We live in northern Virginia just outside Washington DC and have deer and other wild animals in the neighborhood, we like to camp in VA State parks, and understand that Lyme Disease is very bad. Would like to know what others are doing re the Lyme Vaccine, what your experiences has been and if the new Vaccine has fewer side effects. Thank you for your comments.

My daughter lives in Charlotesville, VA, and always vaccinates for Lyme. Her last two dogs contracted Lyme without the vaccine and she lost both. One to kidney failure due to Lyme and the other from complications. Her current poodle is vaccinated, but contracted Lyme. It has been several years and she is not exhibiting problems from it. She just tests positive now. So she convinced me I should vaccinate my dog since I visit her several times a year and we sometimes camp out.

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It's been a few years now, I asked my doctor about getting the Lyme vaccine for myself. Seems not long before that they stopped giving it to humans. The doctor told me people were getting Lyme from the vaccine.

I would look for a pet safe alternative like this Southern Ag 10401 Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate for when you travel.

You can also use like products to treat your yard and surrounding area at home. Ticks start off feeding on smaller animals like mice and chipmunks. Treat cottonballs with the chemicals and place them around the yard. The smaller critters will use them to build nests and in turn kill off the ticks.
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You are on the right track by trying to determine which is worse the disease or the prevention.