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Microwave Door Latch

I have a 2021 Coach House and I cannot open the microwave. The latch works and I actually can open it if I get a stiff card. The latch releases the bottom hook and I slide the card up and by working it with the push button latch, I can open it. The hooks are fine. Neither is broken, but the part that pushes up the upper latch when you press the button latch is apparently sheered off. I have been watching a lot of videos and this is very common.

It is a High Point and I contacted their warranty department. I don't think it is under warranty as I am the second owner. But they don't have parts. The oven is made overseas and when there is a warranty issue, they just ship a whole new unit to the dealer. Well, I'm 1600 miles away from my dealer and traveling, so that's out. I am heading to Elkhart today.

Has anyone had experience with a business that repairs these in northern Indiana? The warranty guy said, just research on google. . . most use the same parts. Yeah, what a crapshoot that would be. I know my DH repaired the convection oven twice in our Phaeton by watching Youtube videos. Had to replace the latch once and the turntable motor as well. Didn't even have to remove the oven. But I am not that talented. But he also had part numbers.

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High point M/W is so cheap, they just replace them when any malfunction happens. That is why they do not have parts. Your model is probably one of the less expensive(about $300 retail/amazon). So, for the cost in labor of a swap out versus removing for repair(more labor) it is cheaper for you to replace it. Doug