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Has anyone been there lately? Looking for information on sites, (hopefully electric sites close to the river. We are in a 31ft class C
We are just looking for a small affordable solar system. This would be used to recharge a GRP 31 deep cycle battery ONLY. We just want it for lights and maybe rechargeable items. What would be good for wattage? 100 watts? 50? PWM controller? We wil...
How would you guys go about retrofitting a older old RV into a smart RV?
I have a wilson sleek that I will be using in my RV. It came with the small magnetic "shark fin" style antenna. I know it needs a ground plane to work correctly but my plan is to use a strip of metal attached to my roof with eternabond tape for the ...
Can someone explain why they aren't more in use? They seem to be great at still providing power in cloudy situations as opposed to regular monocrystaline or polycrystaline solar panels. I see amorphous panels used in a lot of outside flood lights an...