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Dead water pump


Well spent the long weekend camping in Jasper national park, and 2nd day in, the water pump decided to quite working.  it wasn't bad as we were 100 feet from the shower facility and it had a tap I could fill jugs up at.

it had a good life, it was the original water pump from 1991. new pump should be here tomorrow and I can get it installed.  one thing I noticed is that it was 3gpm and drew 4amps , all the new ones that are 3ish gpm draw 7 to 9 amps so I fould one with an adjustable regulator that is 3.5gpm at 8 amps when at 50psi.  I figure maybe if I drop the presure down to 30 the amp draw might go down also, worth a try.  if not the amp draw isn't realy a concern, just found it funny. 

2014 F350 6.7 Platinum
2016 Cougar 330RBK
1991 Slumberqueen WS100