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Large Family (More than 6) Friendly Camping



I have 6 children and all 8 of us camp together. As we add more to our family it becomes increasingly difficult to find campgrounds that will accommodate our family. I'm happy to pay extra fees per person, but many places have a hard cap of 6 per site.

I have to the best of my ability compiled the regulations of all the State Parks in the country and their occupancy limits if it is more than 6 as that seems to be the norm. Some states did not have rules, or I could not find them, those have a (?). I used the language from the regulations so that's why it may seem inconsistent.

I can and will update it as needed. I don't want this thread to get hijacked into the politics of how many people should be permitted on a site and/or kid bashing, I would like instead for other large families to post "Large Family Friendly Locations" below so we have a database of places where we can camp. 

Thanks Everyone!!!


Alabama - 8

Alaska – 12

Arizona - 10

Arkansas - 8

California - 8

Florida - 8

Hawaii - ?

Idaho - 8

Illinois - ?

Kansas - ?

Kentucky - ?

Louisiana – ?

Maine – 6 or 1 family (Two adults and minor children)

Massachusetts – 4 Adults or 1 Family (Two adults and minor children)

Michigan – 1 Camping Unit

Minnesota – 6 (Campground), 8 (State Forest)

Mississippi - 8

Missouri – 6, or 1 Indivisible Family (Normal Campsite), 12 (Family Camp Sites)

Montana - 8

Nebraska - 8

Nevada - 8

New Jersey – Facility Specific

New Mexico - ?

North Carolina - ?

North Dakota – 6 or Immediate Family

Oklahoma – Fee per person/structure, Park dependent.

Oregon – 8 Usual, 6 on some sites

Pennsylvania – 5 or 1 Family Unit

South Carolina – 6 or 1 Single Family

South Dakota - 8

Tennessee – 6 or Single Household

Texas - 8

Utah – 8 for single sites, 16 for double sites

Vermont – 8 for most, some have 6

Virginia – 6 or immediate family

Washington - 8

West Virginia – 1 Camping Unit, more at discretion of Area Superintendent

Wisconsin – 6 or Parents with their children



While it's just me and the wife, being in our 70s now, I, too, suspect that the rule exists mostly due to concerns about large groups of adults seeking to go cheap. Alternatively, in case problems arise, you might also look into group camping areas. Many state and national parks have group campgrounds to accommodate scout troops, trail clubs, church groups, etc. where there's an expectation of larger groups. And, of course, it should be noted that 8 adults put a very different load on bath houses and other facilities than does two adults and 6 toddlers.

Nomad III
Nomad III

Have you actually been rejected or are you just reading the online rules list?

As having more than 4 kids is pretty rare, most are probably looking at large groups of unrelated individuals wanting to pay for one site and then bringing in 15-20 people. As the youngest of 10, we came across this but as a legitimate family, they typically wouldn't apply the rule. Might be different now but worth asking about.

Alternatively, can you just rent 2 adjacent sites, it's not like the park rangers do bed checks.

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