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All in one ATS/converter/charger

Nomad III
Nomad III

so I want to upgrade the old camper to be able to have 110 power also since I have 300AH to play with now, so I was going to ass a inverter.  


well looking around at inverters for almost the same cost I cna get a all in one from renogy for about 100 bucks more than just a good pure sign wave inverter.     This is the one I am thinking of .

I like this one as for the LiFePO4 sett up you can custome set your high and low voltages so lets say you pick 14.6V and 12.1V  what it will do when on shore power is charge to 14.6, then shut off the charging and will not start charging again untill it reaches 12.1V.  to me who is primarly batteries when camping this is a perfect set up, I would set it to 14.5 to stay just under max, let it charge up to that at home before I leave..  then if I set the solar max at say 14.4I can chave a little off the top and never worry about weather I am plugged in or not as the converter won't start charging untill it sees 12.1V (or what ever your set at) so no more trying to figure out a dual stage and float voltage.  even with out solar that is almost a storage fail safe charge to 14.5 when you winterize then it will shut off the charge till it sees that 12.1V  only issue is there is a little bit of stand by usage so you would have to factor that in for how fast it will drain down.  

so the question is, does anyone have this all in one?  I am looking at a 2000watt one but its the same as the 3000watt 

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