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Am I expecting too much?




I own a 2020 Alpha Wolf 27RK-L.

To say I am very disappointed in the overall quality, the cut rate materials used, and the lack of workmanship/quality control in my unit would be an understatement.

I live in Miami, Florida. I run a dehumidifier and fans 24/7 inside the unit. I use the unit 20-30 days a year. My wife and I are not rough on things.

From the beginning pieces were continually falling off.

On my first trip, the screws holding the metal skirt were backing out. I carry a pop-rivet gun with me and check the outside after every drive. I have replaced nine screws.

The door on the pantry did not come with a secure latch. It came open during a drive. It was behind the slide. When I opened the slide, it ripped the interior molding off the slide. My local dealership did a poor job in fixing it. The molding is no longer flush with the slide.

The slide seals keep ripping I have replaced the outside slide seals twice. The inside slide seals once.

The bottom of one of the drawers under the dinette fell out. I stapled and glued both drawers back together.

The particle board surrounding the sink expanded, last year. Obviously not well sealed. It must have gotten wet. It Looks like garbage.

I cannot keep the bathroom sliding door from falling off its track. It’s a real pain in the neck.

The cheap decorative paper that covers the cheap particle board that covers every inch of the interior is bubbling and separating from the particle board.

Screw head are visible through the paper covering the moldings.

The zebra shades that cover the windows disintegrated and turned to dust in the Florida sun.

When I took off the valance to change the blinds, the trim molding fell off. It was being held in place by the valance.

The wood under the dinette drawer is cracked and disintegrating. That will be next week’s chore.

I cannot re-cover every piece of particle board in the trailer. I cannot remove and replace the countertop around the kitchen sink.

I cannot leave the house without a pop-rivet gun… A heavy-duty stapler… a roll of slide seals…and some quick setting adhesive.

What a piece of junk!

I cannot imagine ever buying another unit made by Forest River.

I am very disappointed.

Or am I expecting too much from an entry level unit?

David B.


Nomad II
Nomad II

I too share your frustration. If you are not fairly handy at repairs, I don't know how one can afford to own an RV these days. I have had 4 RV's in my lifetime. They have gotten progressively worse over the years. Previous to the travel trailer we just purchased, we had a 30 ft Class A motor home for 20 yrs. While it served its purpose, I can remember few trips that we took that something didn't need repair. sometimes minor interior stuff, sometimes chassis issues. The best was an 80's vintage Conestoga PU camper. Then again, it was small and not self contained. A lot less to go wrong. 

I'm hoping for better results this time, but we are not holding our breath.  

It really doesn't matter what the warranty is if the unit spends all its time at the dealers repair facility. 

Obviously, many manufactures don't  really give a rats hind quarters, as they are still selling RV's like crazy. Quality control is a thing of the past. 

Explorer II
Explorer II

There is no quality in RV's anymore. As far as the bathroom door sliding off the track, my daughters trailer had the same problem and yes its a real pain to get it back on the track. I ended up mounting a small L bracket on the top of the door a used a small stick on rubber bumper on the bracket to keep it from sliding to far back


I feel your pain. Few trailers are made in any model. There is no lemon law for RV workmanship. 

I never trusted slide outs. and would never buy any rv which had a slide out. Aluminum has always been a problem. The metal is soft, and screws can easily damage the thread. They should use Loctite or rivets. Your trailer was a poor design and problems guaranteed to happen. 

Mark & Jan "Old age & treachery win over youth & enthusiasm"
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