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Heartland Trailrunner HELP

Any advice?
We bought a brand new 2022 Heartland Trailrunner. Day two we had no fridge. They refused to send someone out and said they would reimburse me for my out of pocket to do so. 6 months and not a penny.
In December I reported and filed a claim for a leak. It is above rig and we have no clue how or where it’s coming from again. They won’t send anyone!!! Structural damage is accruing and we soon expect mold.
January 2023. My husband walks out of the master to find the breaker panel smoking in the process of catching and he quickly does all he can to contain it as me and the kids are asleep. What is their response? Oh no empathy for the possible tragedy and the definite trauma but they are voiding the warranty and only good faith covering this one visit but at my again expense.
Their rig is flawed. Their slap together is faulty and could have cost us our lives. We’ve lost food, we’ve been forced to relocate in below freezing temperatures and have nothing left it’s been over two weeks!!!!
The spot they placed the converter also the problem. Was to small that the tech had to cut it up and out! It had zero breathing room!!

Explorer III
Explorer III
My advice is to get it back in good enough shape to sell. Then sell the thing for as much as you can get (probably a loss) and move on to an apartment or a stick and brick home if possible. You have discovered the hard way that the present RV industry is a long way from having their act together. Sorry.
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Nomad III
Nomad III
I’ll go out on a limb and say there’s more to this story….
I’m sorry you have to live in an RV as well. I’m sure the issues don’t help either.

Are part of your warranty “issues” the fact that you are living in it full time and unable to meet the dealers needs to bring your camper in and leave it there for repairs?
If so it’s a catch 22 for you as the dealer does not have to cater to your personal situation and this may be a convenient out for them.
And you may be overusing some of the features of a low end trailer.

Also to consider in the future , never buy a brand new RV unless buying it as a luxury.
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