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Stolen - Please keep an eye out


Our Travel trailer was stolen from StorQuest storage in Leander, Tx. Across from Block House Creek. Stolen approx Feb 12,2024.

It is a 2023 Cougar Half Ton 26RBS, white with one slide out and outdoor kitchen. Pics and license plate (if they were too stupid to take it off) below.

Yes we had a hitch lock and yes the storage facility was suppose to be secure but their cameras don’t work. Yes we called the cops and have insurance.

Please keep your eyes open for sales and roadside trailer left somewhere. Thanks so much. Don’t like going public but maybe it’ll help! 🙏🏻

We had a halo view backup camera, WiFi equipment and 2 TVs inside. Maybe pawn shops? We have the halo view monitor, they have the camera. Most units have a stainless fridge inside, ours was black with the gray interior. I’ve been checking Craigslist and other sites. It has 2 entry doors, front and back.

Someone asked if there were any other identifying differences besides the black fridge. YES there were. We swapped out the theater seats for a queen tri-fold sofa sleeper. I put insulated wallpaper in the cabinets (outside walls) in the "pantry" next to the TV and the back storage cabinets next to the bathroom. I didn't get to finish the job, but they got another entire roll of that insulated wallpaper. Also we had the tv installed in the bedroom above the window, it has a mount that allows us to easily remove the tv for traveling. A plastic paper towel holder above the kitchen sink, a power strip above the kitchen sink plug, a cup hook under the kitchen cabinet, above the sink, a tension pole with 3 white shelves in the shower. No other mods that we can think of, because we only owned it for 7 months!!



Nomad II
Nomad II

Sorry to hear of your loss. About two weeks ago I saw a post on another site and When I saw this post I tried to find it but could not. It was a post from someone who had a neighbor selling a trailer that had no plates or title and was going cheap. It was one of three forums. Keystone RV forums, The RV Forum Community or the IRV2 forums. I hope this helps as I believe it was a post from your neck of the woods. Good luck.

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Nomad III
Nomad III

Unfortunate situation.

Unless there is sentimental stuff inside, I would hope it's never found. Very good chance they trashed it and getting it returned to like new condition is tough. If it's just gone, they cut you a check and you go out to get another unit in good/new condition.

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Explorer III
Explorer III

Sorry this happened to you . I'll watch out for it.