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7 year old tires

My 2018 trailer (purchased summer of 2017) has Goodyear Endurance tires. The 2 rear tires are worn and should be replaced. The front tires are in better shape. But they’re all 7 years old. Would you replace all 4? I’m ok with spending the money now a...

Lance 2285 Marker Light Replacement

I need to replace one of the ipper marker lights on my Lance 2285 travel trailer.  Does anyone know how I can access the wire connectors?  I haven't been able to locate an access panel in the bedroom cabinet/closet.

Marker lights nearly cause fire

Just thought we would put out this warning. We bought our trailer in March of 2022. It is a Forest River 27RK, brand new. Here in Prince Edward Island Canada we need to have our trailer Safety Inspected every year.  We always think it is just a money...

Hot water heater excessively heating RV siding

Relatively new Escape fiberglass RV trailer has water heater heating the fiberglass siding too hot to touch.  Some other owner have same issue.  Others don't.  Escape seems unconcerned!  At one time they included a vent shield over door,  Now don't. ...

enahs by Explorer
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Resolved! Towing a Micro lite 21 FBRS with a Ford Ranger

I have a Ford Ranger with a 7,500 pound towing capacity and provides a maximum best-in-class payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. Its now called a mid size truck.  It has the towing package as well. With that being said Im still not convinced that it ca...

Finding insurance for potential camper purchase.

I may have a chance to buy a 32 ft Passport Ultra Lite travel trailer. Right now the sellers wife wasn't ready to sell it. But the husband is still ready to sell. So, while I wait for the Mrs. to get on board with selling I called my insurance agent ...

jbird68 by Explorer III
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New hitch

Hi, all. We have been towing our '95 Sunnybrook 26DB with our '05 Suburban 1500, and it has been a fun time with that combination. The weight distribution hitch that came with the trailer has worked great. I can't remember the brand, but it is the ol...

Electrical issue

I have a 2005 nomad 3280...I  have a question if u are using the camper as a permanent placement can u use a mobile home breaker box inside and not the actual one that was in the camper ...thank you..2nd question does anyone know what the hydraulic s...

Anyone heard of LIV trailers?

I first thought it must be a Chinese trailer, but apparently it’s made in the US. It sounds interesting but I can’t really find out much about them. Has anyone heard of or seen one?

mavapa by Explorer III
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Electrical Repairs

Hi, I have a 2004 Alfa and I'm okay with it.  However, I ran into a problem with the refrigerator, heater and water pump and the display.  All three components stopped working.  Everything else is still operating with no problems. I checked the main ...


My Ever chill 12v refig is not very chilly,I have a new Embrace EL210 travel trailer 6 mo.old, ,the freezer will make ice in about 2.5 hrs.Im currently hooked up to 50 Amp power yet at about 4 hrs.the interior light is flashing.Anyone have a cure?

Furnace won’t turn on

our 2016 Chalet Arrowhead’s Atwood furnace won’t start. Battery charged, full propane tank, other appliances working. Where’s the reset located? Any other suggestions?

debkauf by Explorer
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Tent bunk separating from camper

My vinyl tents are in great shape but are starting to split/separate from the camper. There is a tough plastic hem line where the tent is fastened to the camper, but it is starting to split at the corners. I am sure I can fix this myself if I can fin...

Rwilkes by Explorer
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