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Chevy Duramax DEF issues

I have been following a thread recently on which is following people that have had DEF problems with their 2011 and newer chevy duramax trucks. I happen to be one of them. My truck is in the shop for the second time, first time the...

Suburban 2500 (GMT900) towing build - 11th gen -

So we have been rolling with our 2006 Expedition for the past several years. Great truck. Really like it. Super durable and comfortable for the family. Towed like a champ. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if they had a greater tow capacity. Nee...

PDX_Zs by Explorer
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Swivel seats in pickup for MOHO experience?

I have a crew cab dually and tow a big fifth wheel. I am always waffling about getting a motorhome to make long drives (>3k miles) more comfortable. It occurred to me that if I could make my pickup more comfortable then it might kill off some of my ...

RedJeep by Explorer
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2019 Ram 3500 - dash display configuration?

Hey Ram drivers - I just moved up from my 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 CTD where I have an Edge CTS display to show Boost, EGT, ECT, IAT for towing, to a 2019 Ram 3500 6.7 CTD.On the new dashboards, how do you have your dashboard display configured to sho...

gkainz by Explorer
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2023 F450 Tows 40,000lbs

Good to see some towing reviews again. Also learned that on the upper end Super Duty's have automatic adjusting headlights to prevent blinding oncoming traffic. Outstanding! Also DRW comes with bigger axles.LinkLink 2Link 3Towing Just Got Easier....

Engine tune ups

I have a 2016 GMC 2500 HD and just did a 'tune up' on it. Tune-ups today consist of new spark plugs and wires ($175) and sometimes new coils ($145). I started my little project at about 1pm and by 5pm I had 5 of them done...OMG, you can't see a spark...

ken56 by Explorer
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CARFAX Urgent Recall info.

Serious stuff for some. Old news for some but not all. of my 3 dodge ram 1500s including two older rams are on the list so I am good to go. No takatas or fire issues for me. Cheers to the 4 Rs.

Quick question on tow ratings

When I weight my truck and trailer at the scale and if the ticket says front axle x amount of pounds and the rear axle says x amount of pounds if I combine these two weights that amount should not exceed the GVWR

Usefulness of Ford "5th-Wheel/Gooseneck" package

I'm looking to buy a Ford F250/350 as a tow vehicle for my next 5r. I already have a Reese sliding 16K hitch from my previous 5r (Part No. 30051). I also see that Ford OEMs hitches. My question is, if I get the 5th-Wheel/Gooseneck package on the truc...

tow with all wheel drive?

Our 94 Suburban cracked a head so were looking for a newer Suburban. Many of them seem to be all wheel drive, can you tow with those?

LVJJJ by Explorer
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Thoughts on a plug-in hybrid conversion

Hello!I am the founder of a Seattle-based startup. We are developing a family of universal retrofit kits that convert existing vehicles into plug-in hybrids. Our first product will be for pickup trucks, and I am hoping to get some thoughts from this ...

Ford Econoline Van wire pass through firewall

I'm trying to run a wire from the engine compartment to the inside passenger compartment.Has anyone done this on a Ford Van? I heard about going through on the passenger side but I can't find anything on the web.Seems VERY tight on the drivers side s...

NJ6PACK by Explorer
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