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Interesting video (46 min long) of a teardown of a 3.0L Duramax that failed at 146,000 miles.VIDEO
TFL VIDEO6.7L H.O. Diesel 500hp/1200tq6.7L Diesel 475hp/1050tq6.8L V8 Gas 405hp/445tq7.3L V8 Gas 430hp/485tqAll 10 speed autos
So says the rumor mill.Video
1075 tq and 37,100# towing.Video
The TFL guys just posted their raw and unedited version of all 3 trucks doing their IKE runs.VIDEOFord seems to run higher temps for engine, oil, and trans. It also sounded like the cooling fan either ran a lot more, or is just louder by design comp...