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Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all, and welcome to the Good Sam Community — we’re excited you’re here! Take this chance to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself.

Whether this is your first time here or if you’ve already jumped into the conversations, kick today off with a quick, friendly hello. It’s always great to run into familiar faces further down the road.

So what’s the inside scoop? Your RV of choice. Where you like to travel. Where you call home. Need an icebreaker? Tell us where you would go if you could RV anywhere in the world. And finally, be sure to welcome others as they join!

-Team Good Sam
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Hello Herb, I lived in New Braunfels Texas for 16 years, where Bucc-ee's had numerous locations throughout the state, and the New Braunfels Bucc-ee's was huge and just a few blocks from my home.  They were a regular tourist attraction, so while I went there for special things and all of them for trips, they were too crowded with tourists for my daily gas trips.  I have since relocated to Lees Summit MO for personal reasons, and we only have one that opened in the distance area, with another one opening very close next summer.  Great stores with a flavor of Texas.

I had heard of Bucc-ee's from some of my TX friends in the Navy. I had never had the opportunity to visit one until about 2 years ago when the Leeds, AL store opened. The coffee bar in the Leeds store is an amazing sight to see. The Florence, SC store opened about a year ago, but the coffee bar doesn't have the cappucino machines. Disappointing, I know, I know, first world problems! I love the stores, though, wish they were a little more RV friendly. Herb

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Oh man, I'd never seen a Buc-ee's until this last trip of mine from Key West, FL, to just west of Seattle, WA. They're insane in there. It was amazing and kind of weird. I found their gas pumps to be hard to negotiate in our Mirada 32SS, though. The store is amazing. I thought they had reasonably decent coffee although, no, there's nothing really fancy. If you get creative, you can make a pretty good, sugar-free caramel iced latte, though.  😊

I was actually on a quick road trip to Augusta, GA a few weeks ago and had to stop at the Buc-ee's in Leeds, AL!  Suzy loves her Buc-ee's t-shirts so, now she has a "Ala Buc-ee Bama" shirt to add to the collection, LOL!

I agree, not the easiest for RV's when it comes to filling up but, there is quite a bit of room to just park.  Can't go wrong with clean restrooms either, LOL!

The Buc-ee's by my home in Texas had 166 pumps, and during day time hours they were always full, so yes it was a little tight and a little crazy for the big rig RVs to pull in there but they did; late at night they slowed down some and it was easier for those traveling at night


6-years full timing in our motorcoach.  Business ties us to the south eastern United States. We have a lot of prolonged flexibility which allows to crawl all over this continent.  Our love is beachside and mountaintops.   New Mexico & Georgia in the house.  




Hi! My name is Kurt. I just retired. I am seriously considering RVing. I think I would like a class A. Spend in the 50,000 range. It is just me and could get by with a class C.  I have spent the last 34 years in a semi on the road. I like driving, I just want to be able to stop when and where I want. Thanks for listening. If you have advise, please tell me. Interested in your opinion on everything....

Just a friendly word, if it is only going to be you or you and your dog, a class C may be a better choice.  Those big class A's are nice and they are great to settle down in and relax and kick back in if you are going to stay in some places for a while, because they are bigger than some apartments. BUT if you are wanting to travel around and see places and stop in the small towns around our country; trying to find parking and accommodations for the larger rigs can sometimes be tough.  There were times my late wife and I had to just forget about and pass on by some small-town sites we wanted to see, especially when we had our car in tow.  And if you tow flat down with a tow bar, you can't back up without doing damage to the tow bar and equipment; (and it is easier to make the mistakes with the bigger units) and without the second person to move one of the vehicles if you have to disconnect, it creates additional issues.  Thats why even though I have never done it before, and most of the time I will have my girlfriend with me with this new class A, I am going to reluctantly tow with a trailer

Hey Kurt,  There is a place called PPL Motor Homes out of Texas, with various branches.  Their website is: and their contact is toll free: 800-755-4775.
After my late wife passed away I had sold my class A motorhome through their New Braunfels Texas branch on consignment.  They were pretty fair with both me as the seller and the buyers.  They let me "list" my unit for whatever I wanted; BUT they did an appraisal and an complete inspection; and told me what they believed it was worth by the NADA and Blue Books, and what they were actually selling for, (and naturally they tried getting me to come down a little to get it off their lot faster - lol - but no pressure); and for the buyer they helped arrange all financing and all sales and transfer paperwork; and they had fully inspected the unit; so while there was no warranty, the buyer knew if there was anything wrong with the unit because it had to be fully disclosed.  They have a lot of units within your price range, but the one you are looking for may be at any one of several locations in the country.


Hello Kurt, there are a lot of used class C and some class A units out there in your price range that should be in very good shape and condition.  But it may be worth the cost of an independent certified inspector who knows what he is doing and looking for (usually about $200 or so) to thoroughly inspect the unit before you lay out that kind of money.   As you know from trucking there is a lot of equipment on these things that can go wrong; if it was a well maintained unit you can find a much better buy with a used one in this price range that taking the hefty beating on a brand new one.

Explorer II
Explorer II

My wife and I started RVing in 1985. We lived in NOLA and would go to the beach In Alabama. We now live in Houston. We bought a Class A coach in 2017 and have been to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. A trip up the east coast as far as Kill Devil Hills. Then over to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Smokies, and Nashville. Our last trip was Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands. Thinking of Big Bend once the heat breaks. 



Explorer II
Explorer II

Hello, we live in Idaho and just purchased a 2018 Coachman Prism. We have taken two trips so far. Went to Yellowstone great experience. Then we just got home from No Cal, we visited the Ave of the Giants, Red Woods are amazing, this road is goes right thru the forest, then went up the coast on Hwy 101 to Newport OR, then back to Idaho. Well had a shower to repair, visited Camping World for the parts & they suggested that we join Good Sam, so here we are. It is my wife, myself and our two small dogs.

Traveling is something we have planed on doing once I retired which I did the beginning of the year, so it is finally here and getting done. See you all along the way.

Many Blessings to all.


I live in SW  Washington. I am newly widowed so I am learning to become a solo traveler. I am really interested in caravan camping too. I have a Winnebago Solis. I would love to get tips from others who are traveling solo in their  Class B Vans!


Hello!  I'm a single 67 year young woman, having traveled in my Class C for about 8 years.  I'm retiring and planning to check off my list all the National Parks.  My favorite trip so far was Route 66 from St. Louis to Flagstaff, stopping along the way to check out all the fun, quirky sights.   I traveled across the country, Delaware to Nevada, but only for the purpose of delivering my RV to my new home in Nevada.  I wish I could have taken time to sight see, but was still working full-time, so on a tight timeframe.  I'm feeling very energized about my next trip, wherever that may be!


Hello everyone,  I am from NY and went camping frequently as a kid with my parents. I have done a lot of tent camping and a few yrs ago bought a pop up camper with a slide out but finally decided to go with a travel trailer.  My new 2024 keystone bullet crossfire 1700BH is going to make camping with my kids a more pleasant camping experience for everyone while adding priceless memories..