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sprinter CARGO VAN converted to a camping van

I visited Yellowstone last week. Flew to Denver and rested a car and drove.Saw so many RVs... no, I don't own one...still dreaming.I noticed a couple of Sprinter cargo work vans that had been converted over to camping vans. These were the high roof m...

trx680 by Explorer
  • 28 replies

Sprinter B

We are considering buying a Sprinter B, either RT or LTV. About pre 2007 or so they have a MB 2.7L and then a 3.0 V6 after that. Are there concerns with either? I read MB recommends a maintenence interval of 20,000 miles. How much would I expect to p...

2112 by Explorer II
  • 53 replies

Sprinter repair near Ventura County

Does anyone know of a shop that repairs 2008 Freightliner-badged Sprinter vans anywhere near Ventura County?Warning! Long boring whine ahead: I happily took the Sprinter to Crown Dodge who had a great Sprinter technician. He got promoted to forema...

k6dcp by Explorer
  • 33 replies

Chassis warranty

RECENTLY purchased 2023 coachman nova. No power to hitch and .Digital mirror cuts off. Rv dealer, Fretz, referred me to dodge. Put in claim with dodge and was told there is also an open recall for brakes. RV dealer claims ignorance. No dodge deale...

How to fix saggy fiberglass roof around AC unit?

Some time ago I picked up an '87 Fiesta on a Ford E-350 chassis. I knew it was going to need repairs going in, though it's entirely possible I bit off a little more than I can chew on this one..It clearly has had some level of water leaking at some ...

urbex by Explorer
  • 6 replies

Coachmen Crosstour curtains

Happy trails! New owner of a used 2019 Class B Coachmen Crosstour, very happy with rig, performance, layout etc. The one issue that is driving me to drink (don’t say it) is the folding pulldown/up privacy curtains. The curtains were out of the track...

jaman08 by Explorer
  • 0 replies

2800 Onan lpg generator issue

We have a 2012 Road Trek Adventurous RS purchased 6 weeks ago. It has a 2800 lpg Onan generator. A few days ago the generator started on its own. I could shut it off by holding the switch to stop. Regardless of how long I held it there when I release...

Pleasure Way with high miles vs Roadtrek with low miles

Debating between 2006 Pleasure Way plateau ts with 195k vs a 2006 Roadtrek adventurous rs with 93k. I prefer floorplan and finishes of Pleasureway but husband is leery of high miles. Both diesel, approx. 22 feet long. Going to test drive each one tom...

Where is EVERYONE??

I cannot believe with all the Class B's on the road and all the ones being built that this forum is so dead. I stop in every couple of days and nothing. A real shame as forums like the Truck camper section are so active and have so much great infor...

Photomike by Explorer III
  • 48 replies

1997 Dodge xplorer

I just got a 1997 dodge xplorer and it has some sort of solar system. if you go to minute 3:21 of this video: you can see the interior system. Does anyone have a similar van with this or know an...

Water Pump

I dewinterize my Winnebago Travato 59G today.No water coming and water pump keep running.I connected to city water and got antifreeze drained out.Any suggestions what to do.Water pump is shurflo 4008-101-F65

bill257 by Explorer
  • 8 replies

2003 Pleasure Way Traverse Grey Water Tank/Valve

I've recently purchase a 2003 Pleasure Way Traverse, which has been great thus far. However, I can't locate the grey water tank and valve to drain the waste water. The very brief manual says the tank is "located above the floor under the microwave...

LarryO by Explorer
  • 1 replies

1986 Dodge Falcon B350 questions

I had purchased an 86 Dodge Falcon conversion van back in February. Since then, i've been doing work to it, and while it's been coming along great, Im still confused on some things. For example, i've tried powering up the fridge with the instructions...