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2004 Minnie Winnie question

I'm looking to purchase a 2004 31 ft Minnie. It looks pretty good but I'm concerned about a 1/4 inch crack in the linoleum flooring in the back section in the area between the shower and the bathroom. The floor seems solid so I'm thinking that the flooring just got brittle and shrunk.
Any comments.
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Explorer II
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It's the cold. My 2003 Minnie had a split after the polar vortex two years ago, which gave me an excuse to pull all the linoleum/carpet and replace it with new vinyl.

That project allowed me to inspect the floor, which had zero indications of water damage inside the coach (and much peace of mind).
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It is usually the cold. My understanding is that if a floor covering is totally glued down it prevents cracking. I don't know if this is forever but even new ones will split on a dealers lot in the cold.
When I factory ordered mine in 2008 I stipulated the floor covering be totally glued and so far so good. Some others nearby have split. I believe Triple E would have totally glued your current one. U.S. manufacturers?? May just glue the edges and hope it goes south.

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Yes I remember not only that post with the cracked floor but also Jayco forum, Forest River forums and this forum have posts regarding floors splitting when transitioning to seasonal colder climates.
People that replaced it have cut the old flooring to the edges and not under walls to replace it. Some have installed a Pergo floating type floor.
As long as the floor is not soft, I would agree that it's just separation or shrinkage and not structural.

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Explorer II
I agree with ScottG. There was a post last spring, I fellow included pictures of his linoleum flooring. The crack was full-length, front to back. The extremely cold winter had shrunk the frozen flooring, splitting it wide open.

I really don't think the crack you have is anything more than a similarity. I would plan on installing an interlocking laminate flooring over the top of what you have today. Just consider that expense in your offer. A laminate floor is an upgrade when buying a new rig so it is a common application.

Laminate flooring is easy to install for the novice, the floor rests right on top of the vinyl floor, no adhesives, just lay it down and install base shoe around the perimeter. You will need to add some kind of trim for the step-down into the cab and also for the main entry door.

1/4" gap is pretty big. Be careful. May be a major issue.Have an RV tech have a look.
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Sometimes extremely cold temps inside the RV cause that. Usually looks like a razor blade sliced it.