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Keyboard language question

Explorer III
Explorer III
Hi, My HP EliteBook 2760p needs a new keyboard.
I found one on eBay new and located in Canada so quick delivery I,m hoping.
The keyboard is HERE
It is listed as CF Canadian type. The keys are French.
Does that mean everything I type will be in French?
Kind of confused.
If French simply means the keys such as ENTER etc. are French that's ok I can live with that,the price is right.
I don't want to have a keyboard where I search candy and the result comes up as bonbon.
Thanks for any help.

Explorer III
Explorer III
Ok ended up buying a genuine HP U.S. replacement keyboard.
Cutting corners in the satisfaction of saving a buck or 2.
This time close to having a keyboard in a different language. Tabernak {French Canadiana}
Thanks again.

Nomad III
Nomad III
How much are you really going to save? Yes, other language keyboards have some differences and they can be a pain to deal with.
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My laptop can be set for english canada or english canada french. When in the french setting some keys are remapped.

here is the diffenerce

oops - this site will not take the french accented characters to show you. / and ' and others are remapped in the french mode.

You do not want strictly french keyboard.
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wa8yxm wrote:

Recommendation> Get a US-English KB You can get 'em at Big Lots Staples and Best BUy.. Big lots are cheap. You may even find 'em at dollar general

He has a laptop and he's in Canada.

Explorer III
Explorer III
Some keys may be present that are not on an US-English kb, and some keys may be mapped differently.. But if you select US-ENGLISH in teh keyboard setting on the computer it will type english

If you are a touch typist you should not have much problem.. If Hunt and peck, forget it.

Recommendation> Get a US-English KB You can get 'em at Big Lots Staples and Best BUy.. Big lots are cheap. You may even find 'em at dollar general
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Ok thanks you guys and naturist for the link.

I'll pass I think.
Much appreciated!!!!

Explorer II
Explorer II
If the picture is of the actual board, it looks pretty ok to me. It's standard qwerty with a few odd keys.
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If I'm not mistaken, the French keyboard is arranged differently than the English keyboard. There are also some letters with accents not used in English. Since you don't speak French and presumably would not be typing in that language, you probably ought to pass on it.

Ah, Google is your friend:

It turns out that the French keyboard as used in France is indeed different layout. The Canadian French keyboard, however, is nearly identical to the English one. Learn something new every day.

Letters probably the same. Symbols probably different

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If it were me, I'd pass on it. The seller even scribbled (redacted) all over the label on the underside of the keyboard. What are they trying to hide?
Mike. Comments are anecdotal or personal opinions, and worth what you paid for them.
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