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Mobility Scooter and RV Ideas

Explorer III
Explorer III
For general discussion and ideas. There are a variety of scooters from very small, fold up like a suitcase to place in a car trunk to very large and heavy. And everything in between. There is even one with caterpillar treads for “off roading”.

Considering the RV we chose a 4 wheel scooter with a 18 mile range, weighs 155 lbs. and 9” tires. It breaks down (no tools needed, just lift the parts) into 6 pieces and fits into a car trunk or RV storage area. With the seat removed and the tiller folded down it would fit in a truck bed with a 5er.

We used a non-motorized carrier with a 6’ attached foldable ramp. Without the scooter the ramp lays flat and the carrier rotates up behind the car. With 2x 7’ foldable ramps (not the carrier ramp) the scooter can be powered up into a truck or SUV (seat back and tiller down). With small scooter tires a longer ramp or temporary extension might be needed. For several reasons we do not carry the scooter on the carrier while towing the SUV, instead it and the ramps are secured inside the SUV.

Later we bought a motorized carrier that automatically clamps the scooter down. And a swing away arm (scooter cannot be on the carrier when deployed) for SUV trunk clearance. The use of a furniture dolly allows for easy transfer to another vehicle.

There are many other scooter and transport options, what’s yours?
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Fortunately, we are not yet in a position where we need a traditional mobility scooter. We have elected to use an Addmotor electric trike as our OPDMD. This enables us when physically capable to peddle (which the doctors prefer) but should it be necessary, we can shift to full electric mode. We added some accessories to make it more usable for the disability when needed but find ourselves peddling as much as possible.

The only drawback is that many people and places do not understand ADA regulations concerning OPDMD's (and rightfully when you consider nothing appears is different from a non disabled user's trike) so you may have to explain it. We found adding handicap vehicle signage to the front and rear elevates much confusion.
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My wife and I are getting up there in age so we wanted to get something lightweight and portable. Also, needed something that could fit in the RV when it was folded up. Landed on one of the E-Wheels ***Link Removed***mobility scooters. It isn't quite as heavy-duty as some of the four wheel options. Cant take it on rougher terrains as much as wed like to do but it does the job for the most part. If I could go back and choose another one, I would probably look for one that is better equipped for off roading but currently dont have the money to afford a new one.

We also have a 4-wheel scooter, I think with 8" tires, that comes apart. We didn't want to invest in the carrier...would have also had to put a hitch receiver on the I take the scooter apart and load it into the SUV. On our long summer trips to the Oregon coast, I have to load the car like a puzzle. First the scooter goes in, then the walker, then our crabbing paraphernalia, and a few other little things. Got a wrench thrown in at the end of our trip this past summer when we had a relative make the drive back home with us. Had to put one back seat up so he could sit there when we went sightseeing.

Even taken apart, the heaviest piece is pretty heavy for me. I'm trying to use a foldup step stool to lift it half-way then rest it on the stool, then lift it again. Ramps into the SUV won't work because the little safety wheels at the back end of the scooter won't allow the angle.

Anyway, the situation gives me motivation to exercise and keep my muscles fit. 🙂
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