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Need opinions, anyone with experience?

Valentines day is just around the corner and the wife wants to get a set of walkie-talkies, like boaters uses on the water.

I've been wanting a set of these for a long time, and have suggested to her my interest, and she also thinks they would be fun (and handy) to have. The reason we have not purchased a set before is because we always use our I-phones for communication, even backing up the camper and finding each other in the grocery store.

For those of you who have them, do you find them useful (assuming you also have a cell phone too)? Do you actually use them? And if you do, when? Under what conditions that's different than a cell phone will do?

Cost is not a factor, We've come across some nice ones, even some that have built in weather alerts (which I think could be VERY handy just for this purpose alone ... camping and at home).

What's your thoughts? Those that have them, what do you use them for, other than for backing up the camper with a spotter? Need ideas, as I'm trying figure if this would be useful, or just end up in a yard sale some day?

I used to use the little radios, but just gave them away to the kids across the street. Only good for short distances and we alread have phones that work well, so we just stopped using them. Kids seem to like them a lot.
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Have them, but hardly ever use them anymore...use our phones now for all the same stuff we use to use the walkie talkies.
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We too use our iPhones. However, years ago (pre iPhone days) we did have a set of the small hand held radios and they worked really well when used for short distance. Now they just stay in the drawer in the mh. Batteries are probably shot by now.

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