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Truck bed cargo


I remember following a thread years ago on about what stuff folks haul in their truck bed while towing their TT. It was kind of interesting to read the array of things, toys, tools, and stuff. There were even a few who towed with nothing in their truck bed. I'll kick it off with my list:
Tongue jack pad
Canvas bag for WDH bars and rubber chocks
Tire bin (12v compressor & accessories, plug kit, torque wrench, lug sockets)
Drill bag
Small padded.Pelican case for TPMS & camera monitors
Tool box for towing/setup (too many doo-dads to list)
Small Weber grill
Grilling bin (grilling stuff)
Tackle bag, fishing poles
2 coolers

2021 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 24RLHL: 810-825# TW, ~7500# GVW
2020 F-250 XLT Super Duty SRW: 7.3 V8 gasser, 3.55, 10spd


Been towing the same trailer for years with a couple of different SUVs. Just bought a pick up truck to tow with, so as yet haven't had the opportunity to carry anything in the bed with which I have yet to tow, but I've been thinking about things to carry back there.

Two bicycles for wife and I; small grill; Solo Stove Bonfire; solar panel array and power cart; 48 gallon water bladder, pump and hoses; floor jack and jack stands; tools. All hidden from sight and protected from rain by tonneau cover.

But one thing I will not be carrying is firewood, because in this part of the country particularly, it is illegal to transport firewood to campgrounds due to invasive species it can carry. National forest rangers will cite you if they catch you doing it.

Yeah, I know, the firewood they sell at camp stores is ridiculously expensive as well as low quality, poorly seasoned and produces hard to light and smoky fires. The kiln dried firewood from Lowes/Home Depot/etc. is also expensive but does burn better. All of which nonetheless is better than getting that citation as well as having contributed to the spread of those invasive species.


Firewood, tools, power tools, garments, small appliances, etc. I recently got retractable tonneau covers to keep the things safe from weather.


Explorer II
Explorer II

Fire wood,tote with RV rug/runner,cornhole boards,Weber 2000 grill and stand,10x20 canopy(if staying for a number of days or weather is expected),generator(if no hookups),sometimes black water tote,tools if not going local. 

2022 F-150 STX 2,7 Ecoboost
2016 Jayco 23 BHM

Explorer III
Explorer III

Firewood, bikes, leveling blocks, propane tanks, portable grey/black tank. 

Ridgeway, SC
2019 26DBH Grey Wolf