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Can I flat tow a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 manuel



You didn't mention how much or how far you're thinking of towing.  I'm going to say 22' trailer is too much in my opinion for your rig.  You should have a tow vehicle that is able to address any needs or situations that pop up as you are traveling and I don't see that ability with your current rig.But if you live close to a campground and it's a flat drive to get there you could prolly get away with it.  

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I'm going to assume by flat tow he means to tow the truck behind a motorhome. Op hasn't returned so we can only guess but he responded to a 10-year-old post a question about drive shaft disconnect etc which further leads me to believe he is talking about a TOAD. 



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Manuel would probably not like being towed at all. The Toyota, on the other hand, might be ok with it but I would check the owners manual first.

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Hahaha that’s what I was gonna say!

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