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electric jack upgrade

I currently have atwood manual jacks on a 2000 Lance 825. I'm looking to upgrade to electric jacks. Any suggestions? What do I need to modify on the camper to make this work right? Is one yellow top optima enough to work this? Should I expect to have a major wire job to all four corners? Thanks for the help!

I was lucky, I found a set of Atwood jacks for my camper on Craigslist ,I met the guy bought them and installed them. I did have to wire them up , but was not to big of a problem. The brackets were the same as what he supplyed so I did not even have to take the brackets off of the camper. I had manual Rieco -Titans . Everything works and is so much easier I can get the remote control for them for a few hundred bucks but I have not done it yet. If I have my little helper I can use all jacks at the same time and have the TC off the truck in a few minutes.

I upgraded the manual jacks on my 1994 Lance 4000 squire. They cost $1200 an were worth every penny.

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If you get the same brand electric jacks as what's on there now, they will bolt right in place of the existing jacks. No changes necessary. If they're not the same you may need to drill some holes. Big deal.

You'll have to figure out how to run wires.

But, this is a 14 year old camper... Is it really worth $1500 to add electric jacks to a $3000 camper? It won't be worth $4500 when you're done. It will be worth $3100.

Every time I load or offload, I wish I had electric jacks. Then I go shopping. Then I realize that I'm thinking about putting a $1500 set of jacks on a $1500 camper. Doesn't make sense.

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I just used a cordless drill with an adapter, it worked OK. If I were to buy a new one I would get the option, but to retro fit was like $2,000, my time is not that valuable - it only takes about ten more minutes to level or load/unload.

I even bought an extra 18 v drill, but could not find one to recharge on 12v or how to adapt mine so I could only recharge on shore power, yet a charge would last a good long time.
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Your camper may be pre-wired for electric jacks. You might have to call Lance with your serial number to find out. It can be done even if it's not pre-wired, but it probably won't be as pretty.

Rieco-Titan makes a conversion kit for Atwood jacks

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One of my fishing buddies recently upgraded his manual jacks to electric and he decided to forego the 4 corner idea and went to a stable lift system. He seems to like it a lot. I'm just throwing it out there as something else to consider or look into.
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