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Water filtration when boondocking

Explorer II
Explorer II
Most of my boondocking trips will be short enough for the tank to last, but at least 1 or 2 a year will be longer.
For those, I won't have access to hookups, but there will be water available. I know I can fill the tank using the gravity fill, but I'd like to run the water through a filtration system before putting it in the tank.

The two systems I'm looking at are the ClearSource (3 filter) and the Platypus GravityWorks systems (I already have this for backpacking or household emergencies). I like the Platypus because it's innexpensive, very lightweight, and takes very little space. I like the ClearSource because it's a better filtration system and likely faster.
My questions are:
  1. If I have several 5 gallon containers, can I put them on a platform higher than the my fresh water gravity fill and use a syphon to push the water through the ClearSource?
  2. Can I use a spare RV water pump (always good to carry around) to transfer the water from the containers to the RV through the ClearSource?
  3. Any other suggestions?
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Are you planning on filling your water tank from streams, lakes, or other untreated sources?

I would avoid that if at all possible. In fact after years and years of RV travel and lots of boondocking, I have never had to do that.

Yah, I hear ya.

Probably overkill here, but,

One thought is the Berkey Systems, pricey but a good filter, just put on sink...
One time expense, worth it to me but I'm full time.. so..
I also have two filters on the hose fill up to tank, just to get rid of any debris..
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