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Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Arizona

Nomad II
Nomad II

Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Arizona 

Lonely Dell Ranch Glen Canyon Splash.jpg

This is a very interesting historic site. Established about 1872, the farm produced food for the operators of the Lee's Ferry Crossing. One of the only ways to cross the Colorado River, saving settlers heading west hundreds of miles. Today, you can visit the Lonely Dell Farm and gather yourself 5 gallons a day of fruit from the trees. The Glen Canyon campground is nearby with nice camping. There are plenty of hiking opportunities around. You can also drive to the river shore and layout on the sandy beach and go swimming in the shallows, stay away from the rapids. Bring plenty of food and supplies to last the length of your stay.


Nomad II
Nomad II

We've been there numerous times ... have also seen California Condors along the Canyon as well.  Not crowded and a nice area to spend a few days ...  Lots of hiking and views.

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