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Nomad II
Nomad II

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the USA from the 1980’s to present, with our 2 labs.   It would take less time to name the states we’ve not traveled,  than those we have. 

Started out with a Pickup camper, then to a Class A and most recently, a travel trailer. All three RV’s have their up-side and down-side, depending on your needs. 

We reside in the pacific NW and have been retired for a while. 

There are only a handful of places we’ve been to more than once.  We are always seeking new adventures. We’ve found interesting things in places we’d least expected. 

We have not traveled the NE , north of PA (yet).  Other than that, we’ve at the least, traveled through most other states. We for sure, have not seen it all.

Looking for suggestions for new adventures, in states that don’t include CA or IL. 

Whats on your list of places to see/travel or places you've already traveled that you enjoyed ?  You may have ideas we’ve not thought of.

Thanks in advance. 


Explorer III
Explorer III

3 years ago we went to southern Utah on a desperation attempt to win the lottery for The Wave.  I tried for several years by mail and never was selected.  So we tried in person.  GOT IT!   It is three mile hike in, but incredibly worth it.  The terrain and scenery is fantastic, surreal, and unbelievable.  

Last year we visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  A little-used and off-the-beaten-path Park.  I wouldn't recommend it as a destination, but if in the area it is worth the stop and spend a few days exploring,  

We both liked the Flaming Gorge and Uinta Mountains area.  We intend to go back.  

We spent two days in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada and could not do everything we wanted due to time and weather.  My next trip through there will involve a several day stop.    

Still trying to figure out how to go to Voyageurs NP and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  That is so far from California it would involve ~4 days of deadhead driving.  Trying to figure out things to do inbetween home and there to break up multiple days of driving.  

  I would also like to do a fall leaf-peeping tour of New England, but that may be too much to drive from California with a trailer.  

We both still have our health and are active, but are at the age we know hiking. paddling, biking, and long driving days will end eventually.  So get it all in now while we can!


So many campsites, so little time...

sounds like some good times. I second the enjoy while you can. 

Explorer III
Explorer III

We've only been traveling extensively for 5 years and already have a long list of places we wish to revisit. 


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Explorer II
Explorer II

On your way out East stop in Door County Wisconsin! Amazing state parks and tons to do. Hidden gem for sure! 

I will look into Door County. We have a son in law who grew up in the Appleton area. Not sure which county that was in, but will ask him.

Thanks for the reply.