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Trip from Pa to Georgia via Virginia and Tennessee

Thank you to those who offered advice on roads and campgrounds. We're from eastern Pa and took I-81 south. The first night we stayed at Hungry Mother State Park. Our site had water and electric. We also stayed there on the way back and got a site with sewer as well. Paid about $45 a night. Second night we were supposed to stay at Indian Boundary Campground in the Cherokee national Forest, but the road was damaged by flooding so we stayed at Parkesville Lake also in Cherokee NF. Small campground only 16 sites. All had electric for $10 a night with the senior pass. Nice scenic campground. Then on to our destination FDR State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia. Camping under tall pine trees we had a nice large site for less than $40 per night. On the way back,they fixed the road to Indian Boundary Campground so we stayed there. This is a beautiful campground.I wish it was as easy to post pictures on here as it is on Facebook. We loved this campground. Electric only but the bathouse was right behind us and a water hydrant was next to us. They have a beautiful lake and took our Labrador Retrieved swimming. All this again for only $10 with the senior pass.Fuel prices were much cheaper in Tennessee and Georgia than in Pa and Virginia. I have a diesel pickup with a 40 gallon auxilary tank so I could drive from Pa to Knoxille ,Tennessee before refueling and I still had 3/4 of the stock tank remaining. Got diesel for $3.95 at a Buccees. The Buccees had Tesla chargers there. It took us about 10 minutes to put in 50 gallons. The people charging their electric cars were there when we got there and still there when we left. Not sure how long it takes to charge and EV but obviously longer than it took us. I was pulling a 6,000 lb trailer and averaged 11 mpg.Except for the first and last days on the road we had great weather. And the roads in Tennessee and Georgia were much better than in Pa.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Glad it was a good trip for you. We enjoy TN, MS, AL, and GA. Great places to visit. East TN and GA are getting crowded unfortunately. We also enjoy Maine, NH and VT. MT and WY are nice too.
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