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Recommendation for New or Used Bumper Pull Toy Hauler

We are in the market for a new RV. It's been 7 years since we last looked and alot has changed.We have been full timing in our Cedar Creek for the past 7 years but now we want a small Toy Hauler. No more than 33 feet and 1 slide in Bedroom. That floo...

Just looking for honest info

Comparing DRV Fullhouse, Vanleigh Ambition and Luxe. Noticed that the Luxe price point is substantially higher than the other two. In fact, approaching the cost of a custom New Horizon or Spacecraft. So I called Luxe and spoke to a very pleasant s...

The Complete List of Toy Haulers

Updated the list, saw a lot of manufacturers drop toy hauler brands, and condense their listings in the big 3 groups. (Last Update 08/02/2022)--Independent RV ManufacturersAlliance RV: ValorArizona Dune Sport: FirestormATC Trailers: Toy HaulerCa...

Y-Guy by Moderator
  • 44 replies

New dog!

Hey, I hope everyone is doing well it's been a minute since I've been on this board. Any suggestions on a baby gate for our new dog it loves squirrel's.

Off Road Riding Spots (with coordinates)

Hey folks...I won't even try to take credit for this, but I've had this info in my "favorites" for a long time.. I figured I'd share.. I make no claims to how accurate any of these are, but the dozen or so I've used were spot on.. Please feel free to...

jamman by Explorer
  • 117 replies

LED Light Upgrade

I want to upgrade the side floods on my Leakin' Warrior. Is there a LED any of you know of that will work in the existing light cut out?

SMarquez by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Left side lights 2008 WW CR3705

Well luckily the season is over when this happened.I hooked up the trailer to take it back to storage yesterday. I always do a light check (blinkers etc) before I pull out and wouldn't you know it, the left side of the trailer is dead... :BI didn't h...

joe_blow by Explorer
  • 7 replies

Dometic RM3862 models

Hi,These refirgerator models are becoming obsolete and parts are a little tough to find. I replaced the bottom handle once and the top just broke. Luckily I was able to find one on amazon.The bottom appears to be a unicorn nowadays and unless you wan...

joe_blow by Explorer
  • 14 replies

Fifth Wheel or TT?

We are planning retirement. Want to hit the road for 2-3 months and go somewhere warmer. We want to be able to bring a two seat golf cart or two seat UTV with us. Assume weight is no more than 1500#.We have never owned a toy hauler and are interes...

Toy Haulers Under 12' Tall?

I'm in the early stages of a toy hauler search. I'm not sure at this point whether we'll go for a fifth wheel model or a bumper pull model. However I am curious if you guys have any tips on bumper pull models that are under 12' tall? Reason being ...

IdaD by Explorer
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Stryker 3414 Slide Problem

I am camping with a friend that has a 2021 Stryker 3414 toy hauler. He is having a problem with his Kitchen Schwintek Slide. Anyone know where they may have put the Controller Box for this model? Other than trying to resync the slide controller, any ...

New flooring on 2008 WW

We decided to pull out the carpeting since it was the original and pretty beat up. We are looking at some sort of water proof vinyl floor, what kind have any of you done?My main concern is on the kitchen/living slide out. It is just over 1” higher th...