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steamer or frother for lattes?

we like our breve lattes and wonder which makes the best foam using heavy cream.seems to me the steamer heats it but dilutes it with water. but the frother is cold? what's the solution if one wants the cream hot but not diluted? nuke and froth maybe...

No stick skillets..

I'd like "one" of the no-stick skillets, not a group. The green ones, "as seen on tv" seem to start a flood of available pots. My question, I see them in the stores, green, black, gray, diamond, heat sensitive, etc. but all claim non-stick.. Are the...

Corn Fritters

Does anyone have a recipe for good old fashioned, pan fried, corn fritters?

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Photos and Video now available on RV.Net's new Community

RV.net is proud to announce the release a new beta RV Community application that allows RVers everywhere to create a profile, upload photos and videos, and share them with their friends. This is a great place to host any photos or videos you’d like t...