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Moving spots at RV park ? about weight distribution

Hi guys so I have to move to a different spot today at the RV park. My trailer is relatively light weighing less than 5,000 lbs. Should I attach the weight distribution bars when moving spots, or is it okay to just use the ball hitch? I was planning on staying hooked up overnight as well. Thanks for any tips.

I wouldn't worry about it just to move around the park. I used to store my TT about a 1/2 mile from the campground and since it was an old country road where I could go slow I would just drop it on the ball and never had a problem. This was with a heavier TT (about 7K) and 1/2 ton pick-up (not the one in my signature).
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I think you'll be fine without the WDH.
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For that small trailer moving a few campsite down there is no need for the bars or even to have a the WD system hitched up for that short move.
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We've done it from time to time...

I'm assuming you are tooling around the park at 5mph, so most of the reason for a WDH goes away.

Even if it leaves you slightly over the carrying limit, I wouldn't worry too much. That's largely controlled by hitting a big bump at high 5mph, the dynamic forces will be nothing close to those at 60-70mph.

Do be careful to think things thru. It's really easy to mess something up when you aren't following your normal process.

Correction: I missed the part about staying hooked up...put the bars on. Nothing saved by not and one less thing to forget in the morning.
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Agree with ktmrfs. If not on the highway, and just moving short distance at 5 or 10mph, no bars needed. But if staying hooked up overnite (you don't mention if leaving next day or ?) I'd just hook them up.

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Traveler III
Wdh not needed.
But then again, I wouldn’t even own one for that light of a camper behind your newer F150.
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as long as your within the weight carrying capacity of of the reciever, (many recievers have a weight carrying limit that is less than weight distributing) not an issue IMHO. I move my trailer from the RV lot in our neighborhood to the driveway and back w/o hooking up the WD.
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