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tire time

ok so I am wondering what tires people are buying and having deicent luck with. had my second blow out in 39 years so time to look at tires.

I was going to go with the sailune but I don't want to have to buy new rims right now so it will be a standard under 100psi tire.


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Last year I put Sailun, 16 inch G rated on my trailer and I run them at 95 PSI , as recommended by Fountain tire in Kamloops.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
I'm running a Goodyear Wrangler LT tire - 235/85 16. Have the same tire on 2 trailers, very happy with them. No issues with weight for me as I'm under 9K on the tires. LT tires are tested, ST tires are not. Asked lots of questions at tire dealers before making this decision. If your weight is low enough, a good LT tire is a great choice.

Nomad II
Nomad II
I have Sailun 637s and run them at 80psi. That's plenty to support the weight of my tri-axle toy hauler.

Explorer III
Explorer III
Our 12,360# GVWR 5er came stock with LT 235/85-16 tires we used the same as replacements. Yep, only 3,042# capacity each, but a better built and tested tire.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Based on your specs, an E or F-rated tire will do, so GY Endurance will work. If you want to upgrade to a G like Sailun or Hercules, and adjust psi downwards per their load range chart, you should be able to stay below your wheel rating.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Tires not made in China are immune to road hazards? Age? Under inflation? Over loading? Sun damage?
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After my last blowout, I upgraded the China bomb tires from the factory with Tires Hercules LT 235/85R16 H-901 DOT LYC B2RLHE LOAD RANGE G tires. We bought them in TN at the Farmer’s CO-OP in Sevierville. The sidewall is 110 PSI cold but I follow the PSI recommended for the FW which is 85 PSI cold. I have been very pleased with these tires.
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Buy a LT (truck) tire instead of a ST (trailer} tire.
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You only buy tires after a blow out?

How about post the tire size and the trailer GVWR?

Depends on what your trailers OEM axle ratings are.

For 5.2k-6k axle I use a good all season tread 16" LT235/85-16 E at 3042 lbs per tire. Michelin XPS Ribs and Bridgestone R238 are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire and are tops for those size axles

For My triaxle GN stock trailer with 7k axles I use Sailun S637 ST235/80-16 load G tire at max sidewall. In a heavy tire like a load G I personally wouldn't use any pressure less than 90 psi. Those are a very heavy stiff commercial grade tire and like all commercial grade tires they can run hot with lower pressures.

What ever tire that lasted 39 years I would stick with that brand...:B
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Explorer III
Explorer III
I happen to think that it isn't necessary to run max sidewall pressure for a tire. IMO you can vary your pressure to reflect the amount of weight on that tire. I ran "G" rated Sailun 16" tires at 95 psi for years, and they still looked good when I sold the trailer, and they were over 6 years old. I was running a triple axle toyhauler with about 2,500 lbs. on each tire, I weighed them so I know. I didn't need to the full 110 psi, and the resultant rough ride. It worked great for me.
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