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Cummins Engine

I purchased a 2007 HR Ambassador 40STK. Can anyone tell me how can I identify the Cummins engine model No. I can't find the engine dataplate or engine serial #. I have vehicle VIN #, chassis VIN # and unit #. Thanks for any assistance you are able to...

2_Peeps by Explorer
  • 8 replies

Sway bar bracket

The sway bar bracket that attaches to the frame. Should it be centered vertically orMount near the top edge of the trailer frame? I know it mounts 24” from center of hitch.❚ Did you see the "Announcement : ★★READ BEFORE POSTING HERE&b...

Allanson D40-BRA-E Converter

Have a 1988 Royal Industries, Royal Classic 31 foot. Fine machine.Would like to find operating info and circuit diagram for above converter.Does not charge house battery.ThanksMoe

mr-moe by Explorer
  • 2 replies

Battery location: 1993 Jamboree Searcher

You're not going to believe this, but I am pulling my hair out and am really confused.I have a 1993 Jamboree Searcher 26' on a Ford E350 chassis. It has been sitting idle for almost two years, and I would only start it to move it or to take it down ...

simonov by Explorer
  • 8 replies

RV Photoshoot - NEVADA

Hi there, I wondered if any of you Good Sam members can help us! I work for a British film production company and we have a photoshoot near Las Vegas in Nevada at the beginning of next month. We're looking for a very specific type of RV for this shoo...

Power chips

I keep seeing advertisements for power chips in RV materials. I was wondering if anyone had installed one of these chips and their results? I have a Workhorse chassis and a 8.1 liter engine.

Walt3 by Explorer
  • 32 replies

Looking at Fleetwood Thor 31 ft 2006

Interested on a 06 Fleetwood Thor 31ft it has a ford V-10 engine, I have experience with the Workhorse 8.1 on my previous rig, would any body have some input on this engine, dependability, pulling power maintenance, would appreciate response.Happy RV...

kiloo9 by Explorer
  • 6 replies

norcold door panel removal

I want to replace the door panels on my norcold 1200 refer. Tried search but no luck. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Don't want to break the snap trim.

Loss of 110

I have an 06 National Sea Breeze W22 with a Xanrax Freedom 45 inverter ! I have lost all 110 power to the front and rear TVs and cable boxes! all of the other plugs have 110 and fridge and air all work! and with the inverter on the plugs have power ...

1988 Xplorer 440 Turbo Diesel Questions

I was looking at a 1988 Xplorer 440 Turbo Diesel pusher 36' Class A the other day. It does have some issues, but the seller is taking them into account. However I'd like to find out some information first before making an offer.Does anyone have any l...

Changing Tire Size

Has anyone switched from a factory tire size of 275/80R22.5 to 295/75R22.5. Tire sizes almost identical only about 3/4" wider. My only concern is the dually spacing of the rear wheels. Thoughts?The reason is I need a 'H' rated tire and moving to a 29...

Brake Failure

I had the fun experience of loosing my brakes on my 2009 Georgetown RV last weekend. The brake line ruptured about mid coach due to rust, and now I am in the process of trying to find a shop that can repair the line. Does anyone have a shop near Balt...

rz by Explorer
  • 14 replies

Trojan T-105 Batteries ??

I have 4 Trojan T-105 batteries in my motor home that provide house power. I'm just curious, about what is life of these batteries, before they need to be replaced? Just looking for an approximation of the life of these batteries.

supercub by Explorer
  • 12 replies

For want of 50 amps

Had to change campgrounds for our final 2 days at the beach. The KOA had 50 amp service, this campground has 30.Told spousal unit that 30 is what our other at home uses, and the coach stays plenty cold.94 degrees, direct sun, not so much.Guess we'll...

false overheat

I have a 2006 V-10 on the F-53 , Had the temp gauge max out while idling. It went into limp mode, let it rest for a bit and it was fine. Engine did not seem hot at all, no antifreeze smell. When I got home put the scan on it and it said 253 deg. Have...