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Dragging a Trailer Up a Mountain to Snowmobile Camp

This guy knows how to get things done, and has the big toys to do it.

Yeah, a few things get bent. Some get broke. But in the end, it all gets done.

Or, “You didn’t really want that bumper all nice and straight, did you???”

Up a Mountain YouTube Link

2001 Lance 1121 on a 2016 F450 ‘Scuse me while I whinge.
And for all you Scooby-Doo and Yosemite Sam types………..Let’s Go Brandon!!!

Wish I could afford a couple of dozers....I'm sure the guy in the video uses his equipment for more than hauling RV's, but it rubs me the wrong way to see equipment being used in, as stated, such a "Hold my beer" way.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
There is a really rich farmer surrounding me and eventually he will force me out.

He hires about 5 guys to work for him and this is exactly how they do things. They were burning garbage this spring and set 100 of his big round bales on fire by accident because they are stupid. They bales burnt down to ashes. The fire departments from 3 towns had to come out to keep his house from burning down.

I'm not going to watch the video because I could just drive 2 miles away and watch stuff like that in person.

Where do these people get all their money ?

Lol, what a jack arse.
Like watching fools.
I Would not ever want him doing anything for me. Was he towing the truck at one point with nobody in the truck?
I love when he let the truck slide downhill 20 feet then tightens the winch cable and rips the truck bumper off, twice...
He had the tow cable stretched out so far he could not make the corner. How does one not figure out to just shorten the cable?
This is definitely a HOLD MY BEER video.
Not until he had the camper at the top and almost in position did he figure out to put a tow ball on the dozer and use the dozer to tow the camper. Why didnt he just tow the camper from the bottom using the dozer? Nobody will ever know.
There is a TV show that documents tow truck drivers in canada who are barely bright enough to even hold a drivers license. Watching them try to figure out how to tow something is equally as painful as this video was. I guess half the population does have an IQ of less than 100!

His videos are awesome! When he took a look at the bumper, I was expecting to hear him say, “Look at that, the bumper bent for no good reason.”
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I've watched a lot of his videos. I was cringing though whenever I saw the bumper starting to come off the truck.

I just shook my head while watching when he I tried to use the leveling jacks to lift the rear of the trailer level and again when i saw him trying to push the slideout out by trying to use an off road/truck jack. I think the slide got bound up whenever he lifted and put the trailer on cinder blocks.

I do think the 4 story castle/workshop with inside gantry crane that he built out of 40 ft shipping containers was pretty cool.

Andrew Camarata Castle