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Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

Another member suggested a new forum section with new products but it doesn't look like it will be feasible. So I thought I would post this here under General RVing Issues. If enough people post (even if you have mentioned it before in another post) we can keep it near the top?

Do you have a handy hint, a new product or an old product that makes your RVing or Camping much better?

(Sorry, no commercial advertising allowed)

I'll start:

Someone in the Camping Van posted a reference to using a Super-Chamois to wipe down their shower. I have been using an icky old thick sponge and I like the chamois idea so much more.

Now I want to hear what works for you
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I purchased 2 ottomans with reversible tray tops. One acts as a console between our MH captains chairs while driving, tray side up. I store blankets and sheets in them. Ottoman, storage, side table - all in one.

I purchased 2 small, round, metal folding tables at Wal-Mart. One is for a sofa table, one goes outside by the door, (great when you return from shopping and need a place to park something while you open the door). They store, folded up, behind the J sofa.

Linens and Things sell a cushy liner for cabinets and drawers. I cut circles out of it and put them under and between plates, bowls etc. No slippage. It can be used under the coffee pot while we are travelling, I use a place mat size piece when making sandwiches and drinks while rolling down the highway, it keeps jars, knives, etc. from sliding around.

I saved 2 cardboard drink holders that came from a fast food take out restaurant to hold glasses in place. No slipping, falling, tinkling or breaking.

I bought 2 plastic drawer units (3 drawers each)and 3 stackable open front storage bins for our closet. The bins are for shoes, the drawers are because our bedroom only has 2, one for each of us.

A 3 tier wire corner shelf inserted into a ktichen cabinet fits all dishes and bowls.

A tp holder that stands on the floor and holds 4 rolls - saves a lot of cabinet space.

A laquered tray on the DR table holds all the stuff that we need, but not this minute. Pens, keys, chargers, emery board, etc.

All white sheets, towels, etc. makes laundry day easier. Less sorting and fewer machines to use.

In the wet bay, I store rubber gloves, hand santizing soap and liquid Lysol spray disinfectant in a clear plastic shoe box. Screw a paper towel holder to the wall in the bay and you can wash up after every dump immediately.

Cheap garden solar lights for the front door area, at the hook-up pole and at the edges of the slides help a lot!

By far, the best is the pistol grip flashlight I bought at a Pilothouse Truck stop. It is a disposable, but lasts a long time, is small and powerful enough to shine on signs at night so we can read them. Under $5!

sepisllib wrote:
We keep a little short handled squeege hanging in the shower all the time. Last one showering just takes a few seconds to squeege down the 4 sides all the way to the floor.



We do the same thing
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Jim102 wrote:
In our bedroom is a place (a sq. opening with plug,etc.) for a 13" TV,(not a flat screen) can heavy duty vercro hold in in place?



Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I grew up travelling, the whole family full timed with a few months renting a house or apartment here and there. 🙂 I'm one of the younger rv'ers.

As for this, we had one of those and a good way to do it is to put a piece of strong clear plexiglass over the opening with tiny screws. Cut out a square around where the IR receiver is so the remote will work 🙂 It holds the tv in place and keeps dust off the screen 😉

I just put a solid oak electric fireplace in my TT.
I was looking for a propane one for some time, But none of them fit the look of my interior and were all to big for where I wanted to put it.
It looks and works great!
I will post pics when I take them.
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I recommend that you plug your shower drain w/a "plumber's plug" - I do this anyway when traveling. Keeps the bad grey tank smell from seeping up into the coach, and keeps the grey water from sloshing up into the shower/bath - Schtinky!

Explorer II
Explorer II
I installed one of these key safes in the back of my electrical compartment where I can always get to it. Hidden from view, locked, with no reason for anyone to look in there, and it has 1024 possible combinations to choose from.

Key Safe

Now I don't have to worry about me or DW getting locked out of the MH.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Well, I see the end is near for this thread. No wonder the Mods didn't make it a sticky. And all these neat ideas will be gone.
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Like the table!
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Explorer II
Explorer II
While I have and love a Colt Series 70 Government Model, my emergency equipment is plastic. I went to the dark side and got a Glock. I also have a custom built Les Baer I shoot in NRA Conventional Pistol (Bullseye) competition. One of the reasons I bought my MH (to keep this on topic) is to go to Camp Perry, Ohio for the NRA National Championships this year. Housing up there is tight during the National Matches.
Bobbo and Lin
2017 F-150 XLT 4x4 SuperCab w/Max Tow Package 3.5l EcoBoost V6
2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB

Beretta 92FS Brigadier for me... Taurus is next on "the list"

Love the table set up though. Great idea....

alwims wrote:
Actually, I sold my Kimber and bought another one of these when I found out how well it performed. I use that one for CCW and the other one for IPSC matches. Taurus PT1911

I see you are in Missouri. I was a police officer in Springfield Missouri in the 80's.
Nice Tool!
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Taurus PT1911, nice... I have been looking at getting one of those. At first I thought you just had a "fancy mouse".... 🙂

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Actually, I sold my Kimber and bought another one of these when I found out how well it performed. I use that one for CCW and the other one for IPSC matches. Taurus PT1911
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Kitty-Litter buckets, A friend with way to many cats uses at least one pail of kitty-litter a week.
They have a plastic lid that can be left on or removed.
I keep my oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid, in one and all my dump stuff in another rubber gloves, hand cleaner, ect.
I took 5 of the pails to a group camp in WV with the intention of giving them away at the TECH meeting, they never made it to the meeting.
I'm headed to Florida in Feb. for another meeting I have 8 pails so far and will add more.

hahahaha... I didnt notice that ether. :B
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