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Nice Story fellow RVer

A good story for a change. Awning came open a little east of Columbia SC yesterday. I was working on it in the rest area when a gent in a MH drove by and hollered that he'd be back to help. I said I thought I could get it and didn't want to bother him. A few minutes later here he is and said he'd get on the roof and tie it off there. (I'm banned from the roof by my bride since I'm 80 and not svelte). I didn't have the ladder to get to the high rig ladder but he leaped up and pulled himself up (and he was a seasoned citizen too)! In a few minutes it was done and with a handshake and profuse thanks he was gone.

If he reads this I hope he will know how much I appreciate his kindness.
Hickory, NC
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we frequent the local Cracker Barrel when the wife does not feel like cooking...
Over the past few months ( PRE PANDEMIC ) there was an elder man always sitting by himself eating... Always proudly wearing his Korean War Veteran hat with his pins..

Each time I would see him there, I would give his waitress money for his meal, and she was told to just say " Thank You" for his service.. I planned to sit next to him our next visit and talk, that never happened.. The pandemic hit, the place stopped serving sit downs, and now he has not been back...

I have asked the server I now know there and he has not been back .. I sure hope the old guy made it through this Cr@p
Me-Her-the kids
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Explorer II
Explorer II
I'll share my good deed story:
About 10 years ago I was driving to Walmart to get a prescription filled. I round a corner to find a car stopped in the road. He was in a blind spot to where if I was going any faster I would have hit him.

I stopped to ask if he needed any help. An elderly man sitting behind the wheel said he ran out of gas and was waiting for his daughter to come help. I told him he was in a bad spot so I'm going to back up about 50 yards and sit there with my flashers on so nobody will hit him, and I did.

About 10 minutes later his DD and SIL show up with gas and got him going. He drives off and his DD waves me on. As I'm driving past her she stops me to thank me. She's holding out a $100 bill insisting I take it. I proceed to tell her I don't need it and to not ruin a good deed with money. She insisted and said "you don't need it but you will meet someone that does". I reluctantly accepted her gift.

And sure enough, 10 minutes later, I'm standing in line at the pharmacy counter behind and elderly man of color of limited means. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation. He didn't have enough funds to cover all his prescriptions. They were trying to determine what he really needed at that time and what could wait until the 1st of the month.

The DD was right, I would meet someone who really needed it. I butted in, apologized for interrupting and for getting into his business and offered to help. I told them the story of how I acquired this $100, and that the daughter of the old man in the street was actually his guardian angel.

The three of us were pretty emotional at that point, especially me, so I placed the bill on the counter and said "this was meant for you" and walked out of the store.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
I had a kid named Ross Freeman in SC change the tire on my enclosed without even being asked---just went over there and changed it.

I passed out a couple of years ago in FL and kids were watching my every move as I was nearing 80. I went to a race in TN by myself this past July and George Windsor from MD came to my DP every morning to check on me.

But what goes around comes around as I have helped a few myself.

All good stuff!

I’ve been helped more than once and do my share when needed.

A lady had hooked up her bumper pull camper at the storage lot. I was there, checking on my 5’er, and followed her out the gate. About 3 blocks later, as she turned onto a main, 4-lane street, her hitch slid out of the receiver. She dragged the trailer by the safety chains into the center (5th), lane. I stopped in front of her truck and offered help. First we chocked her camper. She was pulling the jack out of her truck when 2 oil company service trucks pulled up. 2 guys much younger than me, jumped to the task as a city police officer parked his truck, lights on, to provide a safer work place. All done in 10 minutes. A very embarrassed lady was thankful and promised not to forget her hitch pin again.
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OP here: Glad you enjoyed the post. My parting words to the gent was that I'd pay it forward. I had hoped he'd see this post. Thanks all.
Hickory, NC
2007 Fleetwood Discovery 40X

Angels . . . just when we need them. To all sharing their stories, thank you.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Not just rvers.
2 years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, the wife and I went to the local Fleet Farm store (like a Home Depot). It was cold, about 10 degrees, windy, and dark when we came back out to the truck. The truck had a flat in front.
The store had an auto service center but said they were too busy, so I went back out to do it myself.
The truck was a year old and I was trying to figure out how the jack works and a younger fellow drives up and offers to help, then another guy too.
I must've looked old and feeble I guess (I was only 64), but they hustled and got it done in a hurry, then took off.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Though there are a few "TO the devil with you" types... I've found many RVers are more than willing to lend a hand when you need one.

We all have emergencies and .... Well.. When they ask me how much I have two responses "Pass it on" (Help someone else) or "Donate to charity" (Same thign)

I Just helped a fellow RVer load between 500 and a thousand dollars worth of hardware... and the donation will be to Habitat for Humanity.

(NOTE: it's worth it to me to not do the paperwork on a big sale)
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I love this.

Good people are everywhere. And we should all strive to be "good people" like the guy on the road was.

The Good Sam ("Good Samaritan") logo with the halo is literally plastered all over this website and most of the public RV parks. I'm glad to see that the subliminal messaging worked on this one traveler.

I took a trip to Florida last weekend and had two interesting interactions. There was a twenty-something young guy in line ahead of at a coffee counter. I noticed that he pulled a big wad of Benjamins out of his handbag and picked out a smaller bill to pay. He was trying to be discrete, but I couldn't help but notice. I was kind of daydreaming about how easy it would be to rob this kid, and the next thing I knew it was my turn to order and he was gone. I looked down and saw that his bag was still there. Yikes. I finished my transaction and saw that he was already on the rolling sidewalk and headed down the terminal. His gate was at the far end of the terminal and I had to pass my gate to catch up with him and get him his bag. He was just sitting down and I saw the lightbulb go on when he realized his bag was gone. He just about fainted when he saw me walk up with it.

And then Tuesday we were at Coco Beach and I found an iPhone in the sand. The screen wasn't locked, so I looked up the owner's name and started texting the last few people she had texted and finally reached her son and got a description of her so I could find her and get her phone to her.

It isn't that hard to do the right thing. It can take you a few minutes out of your way, but it's worth it.

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Thank you for sharing, love reading positive stuff! :C

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thanks for sharing...
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Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Thanks for sharing - warms the heart.

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Your story gives me faith that there are still many good folks out there. Great story!


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