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Vertical Sealant best practices

Explorer II
Explorer II
Hello All,

Have used lap sealant on the roof many times over many years, but for the vertical seals have only had to touch it up, never a true full length reseal. I noticed that a foam seal around a slide had a factory bead that has separated the entire length and I'm considering hitting a few other areas while I'm at it. I have the non sag clear RV sealant to use, but I assume I should clean the old first. Mineral spirits? Something else?

Also, what is the best way to remove old silicone? There are a few vertical spots where silicone was used and as we all know, nothing will stick to that. It needs a new bead. What is the best way to remove silicone? Thanks!

Explorer III
Explorer III
Oh that’s easy, tip the RV over on its side, then it’s horizontal not vertical. 😜

You’re welcome.

Nomad III
Nomad III
Then if you use anything like mineral spirits or degreaser, a thorough wipe down with a solvent that will remove the residue left by those products, like paint prep solvent (best) or lacquer thinner/acetone/paint reducer (unless it’s powder coated aluminum which those solvent may be too strong for, in which case denatured alcohol would work, test on a small spot first)
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Heat gun, sparingly. Non scarring scraper blade. Clean up w/ mineral spirits, then spray with a dilute degreaser like purple power, wipe it clean, let it thoroughly dry.