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Transfer switch location


Hello everybody. First time poster looking for a little advice. I'm borrowing a camper(2012 42' toy hauler) for a week. 2 days of hook ups and 5 days using the generator. 

While plugged into shore power I hear a buzzing noise under the stairs. Everything works as it should. While running the generator I have no ac or anything. 

The generator recently got fixed(onan 5500) and the power output was checked. However the mechanic mentioned a transfer switch wasn't allowing it to switch to generator power. Would this buzzing noise be the transfer switch? Also does anybody have any recommendations on how to access it 

Thanks for your time



Nomad II
Nomad II

 The buzzing could be the converter or the transfer switch. My transfer switch doesn't make any noise but that could be a symptom of a failure. Are the breakers ON on the generator?

My transfer switch is in the basement behind a false wall.

Thanks for the response joebedford. I found the transfer switch yesterday. The contacts are junk. I'm guessing that's my issue since the shore power was stuck down and only springs half way back up and the generator one is stuck up. 

The breakers are on

transfer switches do make a little bit of buzzing as they are electricly held selinoids.  I just went through the same thing having to replace my transfer switch out so now I am going to hunt down the individual selinoids and see if I can't make fixing them a little cheeper for eveyone since the 400 buck go power uses the same selinoids as the 250 buck one I bought to replace it.  

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