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planning on full time RVing... few questions about truck towing capacities??


hello everyone, 

brand new to this world and have done research but still in a state of confusion.  my wife and and i have solidified our choice to 3 possible 5th wheels that range between 40 to 41 feet and 16000-17000 GVWR. we want to go with a 3500 HD for tow vehicle but where my confusion lies is going between SRW or DRW and short box or long box crew cab.. I personally want to go with 3500 HD SRW short box diesel... will that truck comfortably tow our 5th wheels of choice through mountains, winding roads, high wind situations ect?? all info i can find says the truck i want is at the 21500 lb towing capacity,  which is more than enough for the said 5th wheels we are looking at...but how much more capability is added by having dual rear wheels?? thank you much in advance for any input


Nomad III
Nomad III

The tires will be the first limiting factor. And you’ll be maxxed out there. 
Srw will obviously pull and stop it the same as a drw. And with 19.5s if you add them, tire and wheel capacity won’t be an issue. Handling will be better with a dually but with a 5ver, a srw will still be reasonable. 
Biggest consideration imo is what you didn’t mention. How much towing vs how much bobtail driving?  If you’re traveling regularly with the trailer I’d go dually. If you’re moving the camper a couple/few times a year and staying put and the truck is a daily driver more than a tow rig, I’d go srw. 

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Nomad III
Nomad III

It's all about payload. Almost always, people run out of payload before they run out of tow rating.

In that size range, you are looking at a pin weight around 3500-4500lb (20-25% is typical). Pin weight counts against the trucks payload. Also, the weight of people and gear in the truck along with bolt on aftermarket items like running boards. You could easily be north of 5000lb in the truck.

 - SRW trucks top out around 4500lb payload but that will generally be the gas regular cab. If you get the extended cab diesel (and in that size range, I would want diesel), it will be lower. I won't say it's impossible but very tough to stay within the weight ratings.

 - DRW trucks start around 6500lb and go as high as 8000lb payload. That gives you plenty of room on payload.

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Nomad III
Nomad III

I will almost guarentee you will need a dual rear wheel for that weight of rv.  not only does it give you more stability on the road, but you are looking at a pin weight around 4000lbs or more.  

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