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40 foot or less COMBINED length in yellowstone?

Actually looking to begin booking our 2015 yellowstone trip. However, I'm seeing that the campgrounds (Grants, Fishing, Coulter, etc) say 40 foot COMBINED length max TT and tow vehicle. We have a 30 foot trailer (actual) and ext cab GMC at 19 foot (per manf specs). That's 49 foot...

Yet, I see pics of 5ers, TT, Class A, etc in the campground photos. What gives? I was aprehensive enough I did not book yet. Anyone else have this issue or is it generally ignorned (meaning: you book the 40 foot or less sites).

Appreciate the clarification!!!!

Nice private RV park at West Yellowstone that will take any length RV. We stay there in the fall after the campgrounds inside Yellowstone have closed down until the summer.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Absolutely agree that your best resort is to call directly. In our case, I'd reserved a space on line in Grant Village almost a year ahead of time for our 32 foot fiver and extended cab truck. When I hadn't received a confirmation, I called them to confirm a couple of months later. Turned out that my rig was too big for Grant. The person I was speaking with ended up finding a spot in Madison for four nights followed by a couple of nights in Fishing Bridge. I hate to think of what might have happened had I not called...
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Here's the information on all the CGs inside the park.
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There are many sites that will not accommodate larger rigs, however I believe what they are talking about is almost all the sites will not accommodate rigs where your total UNHOOKED length exceeds 40 feet. If you plan on not unhooking your rig, the maximum length must be less than that 40 feet. Same with Motorhomes towing trailers that stay connected. If your total length exceeds 40 feet, you will have to disconnect and park the tow or towed separately.

Our rig is about the same size as yours. Spots at Fishing Bridge are wide enough that you can park your TV next to your TT. Like this:

We also camped at Colter Bay with no issues.
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Without having reservations we have gotten a site for our 40' motorhome and Jeep in Madison, Bridge Bay and Mammoth campgrounds in the park.

In the Tetons we have stayed at Colter Bay campground (not the RV park next door) and Gros Ventre.

Therefore, I'm sure with a 30' trailer you'd be able to reserve a site in most of their campgrounds, but not all.

We've never reserved so I don't know what the reservation site is like but there might be pictures of the sites and perhaps you could see if there are tree interferences or if the site is wide enough to fit your tow vehicle next to the trailer or angle it across the front of your trailer to fit.
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I usually stay at Madison campground when I stay inside the park and have never had any problem with my 57' length. Of course you can't fit into just ANY site at that length but there are quite a few that you can fit into.
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I've camped at Fishing Bridge and it will accommodate large MH and toad so you will not have any trouble there.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Over 40' you need to call and make reservations. There are some long spots to accommodate your RV but you can't just click and reserve. Pick up the phone soon as the large spots go fast. By this time last year the Canyon campground had already filled the large spaces.

Just left Fishing Bridge as they closed for the season, but there were rigs in there your size. If you call now, you will get the reservation service, and they could well clarify things for you.

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I am going to suggest that you call the campground directly and talk to the nice workamper there. The DW did that for our trip with the DGKs and while we're a lot shorter, 43' total, they found room for us. There is a great campground outside the park but a little spendy and we do like the park better. I don't think you'll have a problem.
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Just camped in Fishing bridge a few weeks ago you will be fine - in that campground they are double wide and you park you second vehicle next to your RV.

I can not speak to the others
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