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Service Quality

So, if you are reading this, it kind of means you bought into the entire “GoodSam” community BS!  So sorry. I was lead on by GS for days in a row hours each day for help - to absolutely no avail.  I am extremely troubled by their lack of any type of ...

Ywelch by Explorer
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Are any forum members checking posts or replies in the "3.0 Update section of the forum?I have posted there a few times, and no one has ever replied.   

Changes coming?

After much initial hype we were told there are great changes coming. WHERE ARE THEY?

QCMan by Nomad III
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Wasn't there a dinghy section somewhere?

I swear there was a dinghy sub section under MHs but now I can't find anything. There's a tow vehicle for TT's and the like, but nothing for dinghy's. Maybe I am missing it. maybe I am losing my mind.    

way2roll by Navigator
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Checking the Signature

I noticed that the signature on a post continues on after your last post. I am trying to see if spacing in the settings would drop it down.

360Scout by Explorer II
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new posts

for some reason new post are not being highlighted, or bold or what ever it is this new board does to a thread when it has new posts.  for the last week or two there has been no way to diferentiate between a topic with old posts and one that contains...

Resolved! Wildsam....where's my refund?

I personally think it outright sucks; praise seems to be lacking for it, so I suspect I'm not alone here, hence my belief that it's not doing well.I've emailed twice looking for my refund, because that's not the magazine that we subscribed to. No res...

What a change

This forum has really changed. I have been gone for about 5 years and I no longer know how to use the forum or what is where. None of my old pals are around anymore or at least I cant find them and it may take me days to catch up reading on all these...

The ultimate in high security

The undesigners of this site are really looking out to protect the security of the information on here. The old, apparently unsafe, method was to stay logged in until logging out or some blip happened and a log in with a password was needed. The new,...

QCMan by Nomad III
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Thinking of leaving

I’m thinking of leaving this site because there doesn’t seem to be much of anybody using it much. Before the change or upgrade it seemed that people checked it out all through the day. Now it seems that people go for days at a time without posting an...