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Installing new vinyl trim inserts, caulk or no caulk?

So I replaced/repaired my roof this summer on our hybrid travel trailer, and as part of that headache, I replaced some of my aluminum trim pieces along with all new white vinyl inserts and #10 screws. Obviously, the vinyl insert is NOT waterproof, ...

MRO2009 by Explorer
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Need Help Playing Apple Music in My RV

Hey guys, I recently encountered a bit of a hiccup while trying to enjoy my Apple Music collection on a road trip in my RV.I have an extensive library of music on Apple Music, and I usually listen to it on my iPhone. However, when I connect my phone ...

Vent fans and covers

Folks, I need to upgrade my vent and fan, both of which have deterioated. i am thinking stick with square style. On a previous unit I had a nice maxair with remote and I think two way fan. I gue ss with the remote it was a powered vent, I was wonder...

Return to AngelFireNM...

Every year we visit our friends in Angel Fire New Mexico in late September/early October view the Aspen trees turning gold. The timing varies every year but this year we hit it perfect. This shot was taken from our lunch break spot while on a 3 hour ...

A change is coming...

After 15 years of riding motorcycles in conjunction with our RV adventures {towing my bikes on/in various trailers behind our 24' Class C} my bride and I decided it was time for a change. As we both began to navigate our early 70's the decision was m...


When you are parked in a CG for several months do you put anything under your tires. We are in a fifth wheel Thank you for any input. Betsy.

mittshel by Explorer
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Roadside assistance woes!

It has been a while since I have needed roadside assistance, but my experience over the past few days has been frustrating. My big old Bounder is stuck in the dirt from being parked on my lot too long. Trying to find someone to come and pull me ou...

chast by Explorer
  • 10 replies

How to keep gray water from coming up into tub?

What do you do to keep gray water from coming up into the bathtub when you have to drive to the next dump station?I tried buying a tapered rubber plug, but it's designed to keep water from going down the drain, not water coming up. With the shape of ...

RV Vinyl Wrap

In about a month, we hope to tour several manufacturers; including Alliance. I love so much about the Alliance Valor toy haulers except the graphics. Unless they've changed their full body paint, that is no better than their stock graphic package in ...

Are most toilets pretty much interchangeable

Thetford Aqua Magic Style II - the plastic pin that makes the flap in toilet open and close broke so it is either open or closed. Hubby is using a screwdriver to manually push the mechanism.Is there a better pedal operated toilet that we can get.......

dcason by Explorer
  • 13 replies

5th Wheel Cover before snowbirding

I tried to search this but cover returns a million things.So we live in SW NH and snowbird in FL but due to work, we can't leave until Dec 1stWe can get several snow storms before we depart and I wont dive with any snow on the roof (weight and illega...

jmanatee by Explorer
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Rank your RV issues

Rank your most encountered RV issues. Ours have been: 1. Water leak on/at roof 2. Slide issues 3. Tire flats 4. Converter failure

bgum by Explorer
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Bathroom Fan Upgrade

The puny fan in our bathroom vent died on our last trip. 75% of our camping is at the local beach with zero shade so we run the bathroom fan 24/7 while there. We also have a maxair or fantastic fan in the living room. It’s one of the reversible one...

Tampa, FL: Lazy question

We are planning to go to Tampa at Christmas. Our fantasy is to park the camper and spend a few days with family (and sleep at their place).I’ve done some internet work, and haven’t found great answers.Does anyone have relevant experience/suggestions...

K3WE by Explorer
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