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I finally dared

Explorer III
Explorer III

Hi everyone! For years, I've dreamt of hitting the open road in an RV, exploring the country at my own pace. My husband, however, wasn't exactly on board with the idea. Well, life took an unexpected turn, and we ended up divorcing a few months ago (not because of RVs, ha-ha). Everything's settled amicably, and now I'm finally ready to make my RV dream a reality!

Truth be told, I haven't done much research beyond daydreaming about scenic campgrounds and cozy nights under the stars. My ex wasn't interested, so I never seriously considered the practicalities. Now, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. There's so much to learn!

Since this would be my very first RV, I'm not looking to break the bank. Something reliable, comfortable, and manageable for a solo traveler would be perfect. I'd love to hear your advice on what to look for when buying a used RV.Any red flags to watch out for?Specific models that are good for beginners? And are there any websites, YouTube channels, or books you'd recommend for learning the ropes of RV life?

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom! 



Used Class C is probably the best value.  I suggest renting one for a week and go at least 400 miles with at least two destinations.  This will be a crash course in RV camping without the commitment.  You will know far more about what you want to look for when making a purchase.  Better than any book or video.



Im a newbie to this site and just joined and made my first post introducing my self a few minutes ago before I saw your post.

well I’m looking for a travel buddy and would love to see this beautiful country before I can no longer be able to.

I am married but my wife is still working and has no interest in doing any sort of traveling or share my interests. I am not looking for a relationship but simply a companion to travel with.

I do not have an RV but am willing to meet up anywhere to start this journey. I have traveled extensively around the world through my work but now I would like to explore and experience the wonders of the USA.

If I fit with what you are looking for let’s talk.

Kind Regards 



Check out for different RVs available and pricing.  I know where you are coming from. I lost my wife five years ago the same month I was retiring. We had plans of sightseeing the country. We bought a 2018 class C to do our touring in. We have owned RVs from pop ups to a Class A and decided a smaller C was perfect to get around in. I hope to get my knee replaced within the next two months so I can get on the road. 

Explorer III
Explorer III

I want to have some long-term vacation, maybe 2-3 months at first. Afterwards I will camp periodically, weekends, short-term vacations. I think small motorhomes attract me the most. Speaking about budget - 30-40k, but I'm flexible if there is really a decent option.

Small motorhomes in that budget are likely going to be gas and about 10 years old. Nothing wrong with either but just it helps to narrow your search a bit. Brands have been bought and sold so it's a little challenging determining a good brand over another because you have to think about that hierarchy 10 years ago.  Still,  condition trumps brand. You can have the best brand that wasn't taken care of or a cheaper brand that was meticulously cared for.  Start thinking about how you want to camp, what you do and need on a daily basis. Floorplan is probably the most critical piece aside from condition. Just start looking around at things in your budget, educate yourself, drive some things etc. And remember, very few people buy their last RV first. You don't know what you don't know. In the past 10 years we have had 2 Clas A's, a FW, and now on a Diesel Class C. And in each one we thought it was the one we would keep forever. Next weekend we are going to look at smaller Class A's again. 🙂  . Good luck. RVing is fun and sometimes the search for your RV is just as much fun. Enjoy the journey.

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Thanks for all your advice! I totally agree with the expression "very few people buy their last RV first". Last question I wanted to ask: where should I look for a really good motorhome? Dealerships have higher prices, I suppose. Facebook Marketplace? Maybe some specific forums? What papers do I need to buy one? Is the process the same like buying a car? Some basic bill of sale will work for it? Like this one:

The process is the same as a car if you are buying a motorhome. Usually all you need to drive away is to pay for it. Like auto dealerships, they will usually take care of the tagging. There are no qualifications you need other than having a drivers license. That said, I would strongly suggest that you find someone that knows rv's well that can assist you with the pre delivery inspection. Also, make sure the person knows powered as well as unpowered units. You have a lot to learn and the money spent on an expert can save you from grief down the road. No  reason to start out with problems. 

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FB Marketplace, RVtrader,  Craigslist are all good places to shop. I wouldn't rule out dealerships. Often they have a centralized supply of inventory so they are a great place to shop, have financing options, and usually negotiate more than private sellers who are emotionally attached to their RVs. You can guess at condition but you won't really know things like leaks, mechanical issues, electrical etc, unless you really know what to look for or get a private party to do an objective inspection. It can cost a bit but well worth it in the long run. 

2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS


You looking for a motorhome - what class - a travel trailer or Fifth wheel, pop up, truck camper etc?  What's your budget? How will you camp - full time spending a few days or a few weeks at a spot, sporadic travels, long distance etc?  All these things will drive (pardon the pun) on what type of RV you should be looking for. 


2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

Yes, tell us more about what you actually plan to do and how you plan to do it....Simply saying "nights under the stars" gives us very little to work from...Also, what is your experience driving large vehicles, trailers, etc? Do you have a vehicle currently that could tow?

Brand means little. Outside some extreme high end rigs, they are all put together pretty much the same way using the same pieces and parts, so don't expect brand to have much impact. Buying used, condition is everything. One suggestion is to try and find a mobile tech you trust who does inspections. Wait until you are ready to make an offer and make the offer subject to inspection. Not a perfect solution but a halfway decent tech will find issues, you won't even know to look for.

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