RVing With Kids
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Hello all

I just bought a used camper that's in excellent condition, I just have one problem...the water heater. The tank gets hot and every now and then you get a burst of hot water. The guy I bought it from said he had a problem with the check valve on the t...

Where Can I Find A Bike Now?

I bought a bike about 6 weeks ago for me at Walmart. A basic mountain bike, nothing special. My wife was out of the country and I wanted to wait so she could pick one out that she likes. But now that she's back I can't find one in Walmart or Targe...

Georgia Aquarium

We are planning to take some of our grandchildren, ages 1-13, to the Georgia Aquarium. Every time we have gone through Atlanta there has been a ton of traffic. Therefore we have several questions: 1) Is there RV parking? 2) Are there kid friendly c...

The perfect RV campground

I'm looking to design the perfect campground. What do you think is missing from RV campgrounds? - Management- experience- nature trails- broadband- lectures- scheduled events- foodThese are random ideas. What haveyou found missing where you camp?

12V Incandescent Lamp Ideas

Hi,I'm looking for a low wattage incandescent lamp with a sort of standard bulb.  I would like to plug it into either a lighter socket or usb.  My desired wattage is 12-18 watts.I want to plug this into a portable battery power station to be able to ...

ac technical issue

I was having some issues with the ac that I am using the proper solution to the thermostat issue of my AC was not found, I have tried to search and find proper solution, I got some help from ***Link Removed***, so i would recommend you to consult to ...

Campground is filled with kids

We are currently at Fort Casey SP on Whidbey Island, WA for a few days. We decided to leave our home "Sheltering in Place" for a bit of an escape. The CG is filled with kids, with schools closed, it makes for a great escape for them also.The weathe...

Tampa, FL to Birmingham, AL - Sightseeing... What to do?

Need recommendations, please...My wife, 2 daughters (ages 16 & 12) and I are traveling (truck & 5th wheel) this week from Tampa to Birmingham. We have some time to do a little sightseeing along the way (to or from).We are always going to the beach, ...

Mako284 by Explorer
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First trip with new baby advice

Hey everyone, my wife and I can't wait to introduce our little girl to camping and are looking for any advice anyone might have on what to bring/do and want not to do. She will be 1 in July but was born 3 months premature so will be closer to a 9 m...

sam22 by Explorer III
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Bungee Chairs Recommendations please

Hello Everyone,Happy to be here!I've been wanting to have a bungee chair for my trekking and beach trips.There are a lot of options, but I don't really know what to buy.I read this article, https://thewiredshopper.com/best-bungee-chairs-to-buy/, have...

MPutz23 by Explorer
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never camped in Delaware

Just getting back into RVing after selling my motorhome years ago. I like the state of Delaware,especially near Lewes. Any suggestions of a good RV park in the area?