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SSD Drive Read Errors


My laptop has a Kimtigo SSD 512GB hard drive. It is divided into 2 partitions. Windows 10 operating system is on the C: partition. All data is stored on the other F: partition. I have good backups of both partitions that are about 6 weeks old. When I attempted to back up (differentially) the F partition today, I get 30 read errors. ScanDisk shows no errors. If this was a spinning hard drive, I would do a surface check.

I will be replacing the drive as soon as I can get one on order. I will probably upgrade to 1 TB SSD drive

Is there a good program to check a SSD drive?

Should I clone the old drive to the new drive or is it better to do a full reinstallation of Windows 10? My laptop will not support Windows 11.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

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Crystaldiskinfo gives all the "smart" parameters so you can see how sick your drive thinks it is.

Personally I think that if you don't have a lot programs that won't get transferred over, it's better to do a clean installation, otherwise clone.

If you can, it can be useful to keep the failing drive on your PC. If it's a desktop, use another SATA port. If it's a laptop like mine, use an external box with USB connection. The one I use is: