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It was on December 3, 2003 I was getting into what turned out to be a total rebuild of a rotten old 1981 Citation TT. I was struggling to remove the toilet flange from the floor and tried searching the internet for a solution. I came across RV.Net an...
Well, here I have arrived into the new format. Got an email it was coming as I'm sure most of you did.Had to log back in, OK no problem. I am a few weeks short of 20 years on RV.Net. I set a password in December of 2003 and haven't changed it since. ...
Truck in sig, 2007 GMC Classic:I have the most annoying issue with my signal light switch. When I flip it on to turn right, my high beams come on and of course I flash everyone in front of me. If I grab the lever, pull it towards me a bit, it stops. ...
I have a bit of a head scratcher with my TT. Suddenly one day my water pump started just running on. It runs steady and only a little water spurts and sputters out of any tap. It appears to be sucking air. It does this with a full fresh water tank. I...
With all the scams, swindlers etc out there, just thought I'd throw this out for anyone who may know more than I do:For over 20 years I have had a totally rebuilt 348 Tri-Power for a 58 Impala. I always wanted to find a 58 Chev convertible for it, bu...
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