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Which engine computer?

I had an old Scan Gauge II. I keep thinking about replacing it with something better with a maybe a bluetooth interface for the tablet or phone.What do people like and why? I have a Dmax diesel are there reasonable units out there?

ng2951 by Explorer
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GPS Certainly Not a Perfect Science

I'm new to this particular area in Albuquerque. My Garmin GPS generally does a good job, but when I tried to locate a nearby Starbucks, it couldn't find any at all. It didn't seem to recognize the name "Starbucks". Next, I used my smart phone and it ...

mr__ed by Explorer
  • 25 replies

CoPilot and Navigation questions

We are new to RVing and we are interested in using some sort of RV specific navigation system like CoPilot, Garmin GPS or other along with the traditional paper maps. We live on the east coast where there are lots of roads like parkways with low br...

phising scam

Hi all,I got a message purporting to be from netflix saying my account was "suspended" for security issues. It has a link. I suggest you NOT follow the link.My Netflix account is working just fine.

Camping World Fresno

Went to Fresno CW to buy something I saw in the catalog that was on another deleted thread. Was going to spend about $50 but ended up spending $150.00.Bought a comforter, vacuum bags, collapsible bowls for the kitchen and some other items including a...

Customer Assistance for ONLINE Orders

Camping World ONLINE order department needs to seriously improve their Customer Assistance skills and processes.On March 19, I placed an on-line order for two items, early in the AM. I didn't mean to complete placing the order until I double checked...

Motosat Quit, Have HD Direct Dish from Motosat

Our Motosat satellite system quit on this trip. We have a HD tv and an HD Direct dish with the Motosat blue light, not a dome. The Direct dish came from Motosat. We live in the Los Angeles area. We take a Direct receiver from home. Can someone ...

Jensen **** TV

I need to replace the crappy Jensen TV in the bed room of our 5h wheel......What do I need to know prior to make this purchase?

HDMI Splitter

Any suggestions on a good HDMI splitter 1 x 2? Don't have 4k.I'm going with this setup in my RV......King VQ4550 Tailgater Bundle with BONUS Tripod - Portable Satellite TV Antenna, DISH Wally HD Receiver & TR1000 Tripod for RVs, Trucks, Tailgating, C...

Beware New Samsung TVs

I found out the hard way, that Samsung has taken away technology features in the have limited the digital formats that can be played on their TV's. Apparently started with 2018 models. My new Samsung is going back to the store and I found a local s...

philh by Explorer II
  • 23 replies

Ad Blocker

I'm running Windows 10, Chrome Browser, AdBlock+ and use MSN as my home page. For the last week or two I have been getting a message that says the page is having difficulty working with my Ad Blocker. Is this just a ploy to get me to de-activate my...

bob213 by Explorer
  • 13 replies

Windows Laptop.. time to switch??

Just looking for thoughts... My Windows 10 Laptop has been experiencing issues this past year and time to replace it.. The only thing I do with the Laptop is when in my recliner, read email, search INET, banking and other basic tasks.. All my MS Offi...

DD716TED by Explorer
  • 13 replies

TV in a RV...STREAMING...Part 1

I wrote a quick part one on how I've been streaming TV into my trailer for nearly two years now....When I'm boondocking, lots of folks come and ask how I'm watching TV without a satellite dish...Here's howwww.rvbprecision.com